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Book review - Handling Cynthia by Andrea Dalling (BDSM novella) 4 stars

Handling Cynthia by Andrea Dalling 
BDSM romance novella 
4/5 stars 


Cynthia Darlington can't forget how Trent Weber kissed her before they left for college—backed up against her Mustang, wrists firm in his grip, her body yielding to his desire. Now, five years later, she seeks him out at their class reunion, newly aware of her submissive nature, and hungering for his dominance. With so much time and distance between them, he's practically a stranger now. Giving herself to Trent could be the culmination of all her hopes—or a teenage fantasy gone horribly wrong.

When Trent watched Cyn walk away after their kiss five years ago, it was enough humiliation to last a lifetime. But with one look at her in that tight black dress, his old desire resurfaces—and with it, the dark fantasies of her bound and submitting to his will. He longs to master this beautiful, confident, and supremely independent woman. If he can't convince her to submit to her deepest cravings before the weekend is out, he could lose his last shot at the one who got away.

This BDSM erotic romance novella is intended for an adult audience. It contains scenes of flirtation, hot kisses, erotic bowling, a spoiled sub, a demanding Dom, second thoughts, and second chances.

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Handling Cynthia is a novella length BDSM romance that is a good quick read.  It's a sweet second chance romance, but it also has a spicy, sexy side to it. This book only spans a few days and takes place at a high school reunion, where Cynthia is hoping for a second chance with Trent. Five years ago  she ran from him when he kissed her before they left for college as was confused by her feelings when Trent restrained her hands during the kiss.  But now she has come to terms with her submissive nature and hopes for more dominance from Trent during the reunion weekend.

The chemistry between Cynthia and Trent is hot, and I enjoyed the sexual tension between them.  I liked both of the main characters, although Trent did annoy me at times.  He has very little experience as a Dom so makes a few mistakes with Cynthia - mainly due to listening to advice from the internet, rather than listeria to what she wants and needs.  There were some steamy, well written scenes in this book which were hot, hot, hot.

I liked the author's writing style, it was easy to read and the story flowed well. I'm hoping there will be a sequel to this book so we can see what the future holds for Trent and Cynthia, as this couple definitely still have a story to tell.  Handling Cynthia is an enjoyable, quick read that gets four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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