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Book review - Unacceptable: A Step-Brother romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola 5 stars

Unacceptable: A Step-Brother Romance by Kristen Hope Mazzola 
Biker and step-brother romance 
5/5 stars 


It's finally my time.

Time to escape from my mother, her crazy antics and questionable morals. I'm getting the heck out of Dodge, leaving the trailer park, to make something of myself. Everything was fine until I walked into The Unacceptables' bar and met Abel Hellock. With his gorgeous muscles, tattoos, motorcycle and perfect smile, my knees quaked. My life was about to be sucked back into the seedy underbelly I fought so desperately to climb out of.

Everything was fine until I met my step-brother for the first time. 

★Best Seller in Romantic Erotica★
**18+ for sexual situations, language, and adult content.** 
It is a Step-Brother & MC romance!

This book is a standalone!

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Unacceptable is a good, short romance that I really enjoyed.  It may be short, but it packs a punch and has a decent storyline.  The step-sibling aspect was tastefully done, it wasn't as taboo as some I've read and it wasn't the main focus of the story. This is an exciting, fast paced story that kept my attention throughout.  

I really liked the heroine, Crickett, she was strong, sassy and sexy.  I did feel sorry for her with that name though!  Abel was just about perfect - a bad boy biker on the outside, but on the inside he had a good heart.  He was sexy, caring and a great father - what more could you want?! For me there was just about the right amount of drama in the storyline, it was interesting and exciting to read. Crickett's search for her father was endearing too, I really wanted her to succeed in finding him as you could tell she was a real Daddy's girl at heart.

This book is well written, the story flows well and the characters are well developed despite the book being fairly short.  Unacceptable is a nice easy read and is ideal to read while relaxing with a glass of wine (or two) after a busy day at work. Five stars!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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