Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Book review - When All Else Fails by J M Dabney (f/f romance) 4 stars

When All Else Fails by J M Dabney 
F/F erotic romance 
4/5 stars 


Out and proud Andrea Slade carries around doubts soul deep, her family and job have taught her hard lessons about love. When she meets Eva Lange and starts working with the beautiful, curvy woman, she wants things to be different. Although, she settles for being her friend and boss.

As time passes, Andrea finds it’s not an ideal situation, but she tricks herself into thinking that it’s for the best. That is until the sexy, femme fatale shows up in her office one day in a figure-hugging outfit with plans for seduction.

Full-figured Eva is in touch with her body, embraces the curves, but part of her looks at successful and gorgeous Andrea and decides friends is better than a failed love affair with the somewhat jaded and commitment-phobic divorce attorney. That is, until she decides to take what she wants. 

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

When All Else Fails is a charming, light hearted f/f romance with a sexy side. There are some humour filled moments too, that succeeded in putting a smile on my face.  Initially I struggled to connect with the main characters, but I grew to like them as the book progressed. I think having a bit more knowledge about the characters pasts may have helped with this. For example, has Eva always known she is bisexual? Or is this something she discovered in the five years since she got divorced? This was never really explained - or if it was, it was too subtle for me to notice! All that being said though, I did enjoy this book and I would read more from this author in the future.

Eva has worked for Andrea for a few years now and they have become good friends.  Without the other knowing, they both secretly long to be more than friends, but are afraid of rejection and spoiling their friendship.  Eva decides to take a chance and sets out to seduce her boss, with some steamy results.  Can they be more than friends without ruining everything?

I enjoyed the interaction between Eva and Andrea, they had great chemistry together.  The love scenes were hot, with a slightly kinky edge to them that I really liked.  My favourite character in this book was Eva's sister though - she was hilarious, a really fun girl who I'd like to hear more about in a future book.  This was a nice, easy read that I give four out of five stars.

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