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Blog tour - Show Me, Sir by Sonni De Soto

Book & Author Details:

Show Me, Sir by Sonni De Soto
Published by: Sinful Press
Publication date: April 30th 2016
Genres: Erotica, Romance


Max Wells is a ball-busting, ass-kicking testament to female empowerment, who’s yet to meet the person who can push her down.
Until she meets a man she only knows as Sir.
Shamelessly deviant, Hayato, knows exactly what Max thinks of Dominants like him. So ready to dismiss his lifestyle, she’s the type to assume she knows everything about it and him after one cursory glance from the outside in. But, looking at Max—at her intelligence and passion—he can see more in her than the misconceptions she’s deliberately blinding herself with.
And, determined, he plans to show her more.
Max finds herself fascinated by this man who insists on challenging her every belief as he leads her into his world of dark desires. Matching his clash of wit, will, and seduction, Max begins to question all she knows about what it means to be empowered.
Used to being unquestionably on top, Hayato is intrigued by Max’s formidable delight in playing games and striking deals that shifts his usual power dynamics as they negotiate roles and rewrite rules.
But, just as their game heats up, it gets used against them. Seeking to punish them with their play, someone threatens to drag their private lives out into the public spotlight.
With high stakes and bitter scandal looming over their heads, Max and her Sir will have to work together to show that what the world thinks they are does not define who they are.



Even with her eyes closed, she knew the moment he stepped toward her. She could feel, in that innately animal way, the moment he was no more than a breath away. His heat, his scent, his presence surrounded her—drowned her—making the simple act of breathing a challenge.
“Look at me.” The command was quiet but compelling.
She opened her eyes.
Inhaling sharply, she felt his piercing gaze hit her, penetrating her defenses more thoroughly than a touch. “I will never exchange any part of this file for any kind of sexual touch.” It sounded less like a promise and more of an accusation. “This isn’t about paying for sex, not with any currency. You’re not a sex worker and I’m not a john,” he told her in an unquestionable tone, “and that isn’t what this is about.”
“What is this about then?” she said.
“Opening your eyes,” he replied, his voice softening. He bent his head as if to kiss her. She shut her eyes, waiting. “Letting you see without prejudice or bias.”
But he didn’t kiss her. She blinked back up at him, feeling ruffled and ridiculous. “How selfless of you,” she snapped.
He smiled. “Don’t misunderstand me.” His breath was warm and musky against her lips, the earthy scent and heat making her lightheaded. “I like to look too. And, believe me,” he said, as his gaze roamed her face and his voice gained a husky timbre, “you’re a pleasure to watch, Max.” His gaze dipped lower. “Generous curves. Great legs. Firm ass. Weighty hips.” He grinned. “Miraculous breasts.” He looked up again. “Sinful hair. Strong will.”
His hand lifted to hover over her cheek. And though he stopped just short of touching her, she could feel him. Felt the phantom stroke his fingers would make along her sensitive skin. “The fine, light lines around your eyes and mouth that speak to your determination, your devotion, and your deep sense of joy.” She felt her heart drop when he lowered his hand and stepped back. “You are a study.”
She blinked blankly at him, feeling disoriented and muddled. He found her laugh lines—her wrinkles—sexy?
“Take off your panties.”
She looked at him as he moved to lean against his desk, his long, powerful arms stretched back to lazily lounge against the strong, wood piece. She stared at his clear confidence, as if he knew he had her just where he wanted her, as if he knew how primed—how hungry—she was. Because of him.
And he did have her where he wanted her. He did affect her. Arouse her. Make her wet.
And he knew it.
She knew it too.
And it pissed her the fuck off.


Sonni de Soto is an Asian kinkster of color, who loves and lives the lifestyle when she can. Her work involves The Taming School and Show Me, Sir, as well as stories in Between the Shores: Erotica With Consent and The First Annual Geeky Kink Anthology. Like any good nerd, she loves learning new and interesting things about science, art, culture, and, of course, sex and love. She’s always thrilled to hear from readers; you can get in touch with Sonni de Soto at http://sonnidesoto.blogspot.co.uk


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