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A Thief in Venice by Tara Crescent (m/f BDSM romance) - 4 stars

A Thief in Venice by Tara Crescent
M/f BDSM romance
4/5 stars

A Thief in Venice is a fun, short read with some amazingly steamy sex.  This is the second book I've read by Tara Crescent and although I initially struggled with the first person point of view, I've come to really enjoy her writing style.  This book is alternately told from both main characters point of view and it was nice to be able to get an insight into both of their thoughts and feelings.

Two thieves. One painting. One very dangerous game.
For seven years, Lucia Petrucci has stolen a painting every year to keep the memory of her parents alive. But now she has made a mistake. She has crossed the most dangerous man in Venice. Antonio Moretti, Head of the Thieves Guild.
She has stolen from Antonio, and he wants retribution. Can Lucia pay his price?

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Lucia Petrucci is like a modern day Robin Hood.  Every year on the anniversary of her parents death she steals a painting and returns it to the rightful owners.  But this year it all goes wrong when she is steals from Antonio Moretti, Head of the Thieves Guild.  Antonio gives her a choice of being punished by his him or his notorious henchmen.  Fearful of broken limbs and ending up in the canal, she chooses to be punished by Antonio himself.

From here the author weaves a magical tale of domination and submission.  Antonio soon falls for his 'little thief' and is determined to make Lucia his.  Lucia doesn't trust love, believing it only results in loss and pain, so although she happily submits to Antonio in the bedroom or dungeon she is skittish about getting more involved.

The chemistry between the Lucia and Antonio is sizzling, and the sex scenes are seriously hot.  These scenes are well written and will leave you feeling hot under the collar.

Although my brain was telling me that I shouldn't like characters who were thieves, I couldn't help falling in love with both Lucia and Antonio.

A Thief in Venice is a fun, sexy read that gets four out of five stars and I look forward to reading more from Tara Crescent

I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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