Thursday, 26 February 2015

Book review - Mastering Meg by Saskia Walker (BDSM romance) 4 stars

Mastering Meg by Saskia Walker
BDSM romance novella
4/5 stars

Mastering Meg is a short, sweet and sexy novella that I enjoyed reading.  It tells the story of a couple who split up, but are still deeply in love with each other.  Piers attempts to win back Meg after he discovers she ended their relationship because she is ashamed of her need to submit.  This was the first book I've read by Saskia Walker and I really liked her writing style, the story flowed well and was easy to read.

Piers wants his lover Meg back. He's been to her London flat and he knows he finally has her figured out - because he found her secret stash of BDSM material. Meg clearly wants to be mastered, and Piers is determined to be the one to do so. After a breakneck drive to her side, he stakes his claim.

Meg is furious that her ex has cornered her and heads off into the wilds, but Piers is only a whisper behind her. When he captures and cuffs her, she is astonished. Despite her protestations, Meg is wildly aroused by his dominant approach. She's always loved him, and now he is kicking aside the final barrier between them.

Never before has Meg been so liberated, so debauched, or so thoroughly pleasured. Getting her to admit that, however, is his biggest challenge. But Piers is determined, he has patience...and he has an arsenal of bondage equipment to master Meg with.

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I liked both characters, the love between them was clear to see and they were clearly meant to be together.  Piers was so accepting of Meg's need to submit and he was determined to be what she needed.  He has a naturally dominant personality, which was probably what initially attracted Meg to him, so Piers easily adapted to the role of her Master.  Piers was completely devoted to Meg - she is one lucky girl to have such a loving, caring man in her life.

Meg is an interesting character.  In her life she has to be in control and is borderline OCD, yet she longs to submit to a powerful man.  She struggles to come to terms with this, and can't bring herself to discuss it with Piers which is why she ended the relationship.  I loved her reactions to Piers' domination, the heat between them sizzled from the pages.

My only gripe is that I wish this book was a bit longer so we could learn more about Meg and Piers, and delve deeper into their relationship.  I would have loved the story to have started before the initial relationship breakdown, so I could have connected more to the characters and become more invested in their relationship.

Overall this is a good lighthearted read which gets four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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