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Book review - Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton 5 stars

Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton
M/M/F BDSM Menage
5/5 stars

I've recently re-read Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton as I thought I would post reviews of some of my favourite books.  Safe Harbor is book one of Ms Dalton's fabulous Suncoast Society and is a big favourite of mine.  This was the first book I had read by Tymber Dalton and I have since become addicted to her smouldering tales of love, domination and submission.  I love M/M/F dynamics, especially if combined with BDSM elements, and this is one of the best M/M/F books I've read.

Clarisse seeks refuge from her abusive ex-boyfriend on the Dilly Dally, her uncle's old fishing trawler in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She doesn't expect to find Mac and Sully, the Dilly's sexy new owners, on board making love.

They're at first startled by her appearance, then outraged by the injuries her ex inflicted. They insist she stay with them, and with nowhere else to go, Clarisse agrees.

Both men find themselves falling for Clarisse, but she can't bring herself to completely trust Sully, a former cop, like her ex. She's shocked to discover the men aren't just lovers either, but full-time Master and slave in a BDSM relationship. As she learns more about their history and lifestyle, she uncovers her own hidden desires. When danger from her past returns, can Sully and Mac provide Clarisse a Safe Harbor?

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We first meet Clarisse when she is fleeing from her abusive ex-boyfriend.  I immediately liked Clarisse and felt for her after her horrific ordeal.  Mac and Sully are both fantastic characters - playful, fun Mac is a perfect partner for brooding ex-cop Sully.  Sully is still one of my favourite characters from the Suncoast Society series (along with Tilly from book two), and I love it when he, Mac and Clarisse pop up in other books in the series.  Mac and Sully have a strong relationship, built upon a 24/7 Master/slave dynamic.  Both men fall for Clarisse but she struggles to come to terms with the BDSM elements in their relationship, and she has to learn to trust former cop Sully.

There is alot of suspense and danger in this book, that leaves you on the edge of your seat.  I don't want to say to much about this as I don't want to give the plot away, but it really is a roller coaster ride.  Safe Harbor is a emotional tale that had me weeping buckets at times, I connected so strongly with all three main characters that I felt all of their triumphs and pain.

Some of the BDSM scenes is this book are quite heavy as Mac is a masochist - personally I enjoy reading the heavier scenes but it may be a little strong for some.  Everything is done in a safe, sane and consensual way of course, and Sully is much gentler with Clarisse than he is with Mac.  The scenes are well written and very believable - Tymber Dalton portrays BDSM very realistically, she really is one of the best authors in this genre.

I highly recommend this book, it is absolutely fantastic.  Safe Harbor is definitely worth five out of five stars!

Other books in this series will be reviewed soon.

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