Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Every Second Weekend by Cara Addison (erotic m/f romance) 5 stars

Every Second Weekend by Cara Addison

(Erotic m/f romance)
5 stars

If you are looking for seriously hot romance, Every Second Weekend is the book for you.  Cara Addison is a new author for me, and boy can she write a story that packs a big, sexy punch.  This is a feel good romance that is ideal to curl up with in front of the fire with a glass of wine and some chocolates.

It’s 2015 and CJ Adams is the quintessential super mom, balancing an executive job with parenting duties as she shuttles her daughters from one activity to another.

High school English teacher, Dale Anderson has recently moved to the City of Walden and is finding it hard to meet new people.

Everything changes when CJ and Dale are invited to celebrate a mutual friends birthday and the attraction between the two is instant and intense. The discovery of new arousals and interests are obvious from their very first date as CJ and Dale navigate everyday life and a few extreme circumstances. As a divorced mother sharing custody of her two young children, they soon learn that they can’t limit their relationship to every second weekend.

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CJ is a great character - I loved her.  Feisty, strong, sexy and funny, she is a great mom who works hard to raise money for her charitable organisation - she really is a super mom.  Dale is also a likeable character and he is the perfect match for CJ.  It was lust at first sight for both of them, but much stronger feelings soon developed.

Their relationship is not without ups and downs - from a trouble making ex husband, Dale's family problems and the often difficult task of introducing a new partner to your children.  This is believable tale with likeable lead characters, who have normal problems - but who also have a fantastic sex life!  The sex scenes are sensual and well written - and they are hot, hot, hot!

I really enjoyed this book, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes their romances to be deliciously steamy.

Every Second Weekend gets five sexy stars.

I was gifted a copy of this book by the author for the purpose of writing an honest review

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