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All Fired Up by Madelynne Ellis (m/f erotic romance) 5 stars

All Fired Up by Madelynne Ellis
M/f erotic romance
5/5 stars

All Fired Up is the second book in Madelynne Ellis' series which features the members of rock band Black Halo.  I haven't read the first book in the series, and although I could follow the plot with no problem, I would recommend reading All Night Long first so you get the background of all the characters and relationships.  I am a big fan of hard rock music, so I loved the setting of this book.  All Fired Up is a fun read, filled with larger than life characters, bad boy rockers, and sizzling sexual chemistry.

Ginny Walters always knew her weakness for bad boys would get her into trouble. Her one night stand with Black Halo's lead guitarist, Ash Gore, was only supposed to be a fun, not the prelude to the sort of relationship that'd scorch holes in her heart as well as her bed sheets. She'd be the happiest woman in the world if Ash wasn't so determined to keep their connection off radar.

Ash Gore knows girlfriends are bad news for bands, which is why he's resolved to keep his attachment to Ginny a secret. He and the guys have enough on their stages as they try to piece themselves back together after the band's split. But when new drummer, Iain Willows, starts taking an active interest in Ginny, tensions quickly mount. Soon, Ash is not only at risk of losing Ginny, but everything he holds dearest--including life itself.

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Ash is such a great character - on the surface he's a tattooed bad boy, but inside he's a big softy with a real vulnerable side.  Ginny is such a strong feisty woman who is perfect for Ash.  The relationship has it's ups and downs throughout the book, with Ginny not impressed when Ash wants to keep their relationship secret and other forces working to keep them apart.  They have amazing chemistry between them with some fantastically sexy scenes.  I loved the phone sex scene - which wasn't exactly how you'd expect it to be, but it was hot!

The supporting cast was great too - I especially love Xane, and he has his own series of 'Rock Hard' books which tell his and Dani's story so I will be adding those to my 'to read' list.  Spook is a fantastic character too and I'd love to know more about him.

I love Madelynne Ellis' writing style, the story flowed so well and it was expertly written.  I've been exploring the author's website, and so many of her books appeal to me.  Anything But Vanilla sounds especially appealing - yet another one to add to my 'to read' list!

All Fired up is a brilliant book, it has all the vital ingredients - interesting characters, hot rockers, intrigue, romance, a great sense of humour and it is hot enough to steam up the windows!  I definitely give this five stars -  I can't wait for the next book so we can see what happens next to our favourite hard rock band and the guys and girls we all love.

A must read! But unlike me do read them in the correct order!

I received a copy of this book free of charge from the publishers in exchange for an honest review.

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