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Blog tour & 5* review - Unbreakable Hope by Sami Lee

Sami Lee
Unbreakable Hope

Wild Crush Book 5
July 26, 2016


When you're caught in the impact zone, the only choice is surrender.
Wild Crush, Book 5

After a monster wave almost kills him, Dylan realizes it was a mistake to put his pro-surfing career ahead of the girl he left behind. Now that he's finally able to give Hope everything she ever wanted, he's stunned to discover she's moved on—with his best friend.

For years Matt has loved Hope but kept his feelings to himself until Dylan went off chasing the pipeline. Matt welcomed the chance to stake his claim. Now that Dylan is back with his heart in his hand, Matt is reluctant to step aside.

When Dylan abandoned their five-year relationship, Hope tried to keep her impulsive, friends-with-benefits fling with Matt casual, but her heart was having none of it. Seeing Dylan alive and whole sends her complicated feelings for both men tumbling into one big, gnarly tangle.

Each man—one steady, one wild—fulfills a different, soul-deep need. They could make it work…if she can convince them to all ride the wave of desire together.

Warning: Features hot MF and MFM sex, bondage, and rough talk with two devastatingly gorgeous Aussie men. Could inspire a need to hang ten. Or eleven, if you catch the drift.

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Unbreakable Hope is a great m/f/m ménage romance set in the surfers paradise of Australia. This is book five in the Wild Crush series, but it works fine as a standalone. It takes you on a wild ride but delivers a satisfying happy ending. All three main characters are complex and well rounded, and I fell in love with all of them. I know absolutely nothing about surfing, but I enjoyed hearing a bit about it in this book, it made an interesting backdrop for the story. There is plenty of hot, steamy sex in this book, but it's well balanced with emotion, love and plot. There's some great light BDSM and some sexy role play too, which spiced up the story nicely.

Hope and Dylan were together for five years before he left her to continue his surfing career, but after a near death experience Dylan realises how much Hope means to him. But when he returns to their home town he's shocked to discover that Hope is involved in a relationship with his best friend Matt. Hope has tried to keep her relationship with Matt as a casual friends with benefits arrangement, but Matt has secretly loved her for years and wants more. Hope soon finds herself caught between the friends, and she wants them both. 

Matt and Dylan are complete opposites in nearly every way, but something they both have in common is their love for Hope. I have no idea how she put up with Dylan and his commitment phobia for so long though! The guys' friendship is strong and I enjoyed their interactions and their banter, together they were perfect for Hope. I really enjoyed this book and I may go back and read the earlier book in the series. Five stars.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

About the Author:

Sami wrote her first romantic tales before she'd ever read a romance. In high school she penned stories about all her friends falling in love with fictitious exotic exchange students or reformable bad boys while she should have been listening to the teacher. Some time later (after somehow managing to get through school) she discovered romance novels and wondered how such magical things could have existed without her ever knowing about them.
She spent years writing in an on-again, off-again fashion – writing had become the irresistible rogue boyfriend who wouldn't hand back his house key. Through numerous jobs, marriage, university, more jobs and toddler taming, writing has always been there. Sami is thrilled to find herself published with Samhain and spends her life juggling other responsibilities with the aim of maximising her writing time. It seems an impossible task some days so every page is worth a victory dance.


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