Saturday, 30 January 2016

Book review - Burned Deep by Calista Fox (erotic romance) 3/5 stars

Burned Deep by Calista Fox
Erotic romance 
3/5 stars 


Dane captivated Ari from the first moment their eyes locked. Every second thereafter proved they were either fated for love...or devastation.
It was a little scary how my body trembled and my breathing wouldn't return to normal. But I couldn't escape the intensity of our desire for each other--and how vibrant and alive he made me feel. Like I'd merely existed before. Gotten by. Now I was acutely aware of my surroundings. Of myself. Of him. Of every sensation blazing inside me...
Ari DeMille has spent her life focusing on the details and planning down to the minute. Haunted by her parents' ugly divorce, Ari believes the only way to prevent emotional scars is to always maintain control. But when the devastatingly handsome-and powerfully dominant-Dane Bax, her new boss, pushes Ari's boundaries, she must learn to shatter the ties that bind her if she is to sate her newfound desires... But giving into insatiable lust comes with a price. Dane's luxury hotel business is threatened by a consortium of dangerous men who threaten everything Ari holds close. And as the stakes are raised, Ari is treacherously close to losing all control of her life...and her heart.


I've been putting off writing this review to try and get my thoughts in order as I have mixed feelings about this book. I honestly expected to love it, but sadly I didn't. I'm struggling to pinpoint a reason why I didn't love it though, it just didn't make a strong impression on me. I've read other reviews where people absolutely loved this book, so it seems like the problem lies with me rather than the book - we just weren't a good match.

I did like the hero, Dane, he was an interesting character - and very sexy - but I struggled to connect with Ari. There were some very hot and nicely written sex scenes, but the rest of the story failed to keep my attention. Three stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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