Thursday, 4 February 2016

Book review - Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose - 4 stars

Stepbrother's Rules by Renee Rose
1950s age play romance 
4/5 stars 


College Coed LuAnn should not be lusting over her gorgeous stepbrother, especially when he's taken on the temporary role of her guardian until her parents return home from Europe. She certainly shouldn't be calling him "daddy" and letting him give her bare-bottom spankings, bubble baths and massages with baby oil. But when she gets kicked out of her college dorm, Brad's the one who shows up to collect her, and before she knows it, everything is out of control. Her darkest fantasies are coming true, but when their parents return, will it all be over? Or is Brad playing for keeps? 

*** This naughty novella was originally published as part of the Correcting the Coeds 1950's spanking romance box set.***

Publisher's Note: The book contains spanking, elements of ageplay and graphic sexual scenes. If such content offends you, please do not buy this book.


Stepbrother's Rules is an entertaining domestic discipline romance set in 1950s America. That was enough to get me interested in this book, but add in the taboo of a relationship between step siblings and you have a story that I just had to read. I've read many D/D 1950s style relationship stories, but this is this is the first one that I've read that is actually set in that timeframe. I liked this historical setting, it added an extra element to the story which I felt worked really well. The storyline was interesting, the hero was fabulous and the heat levels were off the scale. My only slight negative was the heroine - I know she had to be a bit immature and make mistakes for the story to work but at times I found her really annoying. Having said that I still really enjoyed this book, so it wasn't a big issue for me.

When LuAnn is kicked out of her college dorm, she is collected by her sexy stepbrother Brad. With her father and stepmother away Brad is responsible for her and decides to take her in hand. Her sometimes bratty behaviour leads to bare bottom spanking and other punishments. There is a spark between them, and they feel much more than brotherly/sisterly affection for each other. As their relationship gets more serious, can LuAnn and Brad overcome the many obstacles in their way?

There is also a Daddy Dom/little girl aspect to Brad and LuAnns relationship which I felt was handled well by the author. Renee Rose can certainly write a seriously steamy sex scene! There was more to the story than just sex though, there was also a decent storyline about forbidden desires and true love. I really enjoyed this book so it receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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