Thursday, 17 December 2015

Book review - Cowboy Not Included by Em Petrova - 5 stars

Cowboy Not Included by Em Petrova
Erotic romance 
5/5 stars 


She never expected to feel the vibrations all the way to her broken heartstrings.
The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 6
Diapers and baby food are uppermost in Skye Blackwood’s mind—at least until she’s alone at night. Two years is a long time, and her toy collection isn’t all that satisfying. Especially since her battery-operated lovers came from Booker, her ex.
Everyone said they married too young, and they were right. He could be a bigger part of their daughter’s life, though, so she tracks him down—and is shocked to discover he’s working at a Texas sex therapy ranch. She reserves a week of something tall, dark, and cowboy for herself, planning to use her down time to talk to Booker.
When Skye steps onto the Boot Knockers stage, Booker doesn’t hesitate to pull the plug. A giant misunderstanding may have ended things between them, but no way is he letting another cowboy into her bed.
Once alone, their animal attraction flares back to life. But time hasn’t healed the emotional wounds that still run deep. And renewing their old bond could be the biggest mistake they ever made…
Warning: Contains smoking-hot sex scenes with toys, without toys, with an extra partner, and just one-on-one. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced cowboy lovers. Sorry, you’ll have to supply your own batteries. Better buy a case. Oh, hell, just buy stock in the company.


Em Petrova takes us back to the fabulous Boot Knockers Ranch to meet another of her hunky cowboys.  You've got to love the Boot Knockers, they will do whatever he takes to keep their ladies happy and satisfied. This time we have a second chance romance and it is just as hot and sexy as the previous books in this series. Cowboy Not Included is a fun, lighthearted, steamy story that I absolutely loved. It will take your mind off your everyday problems and transport you to a world where cowboys have all the toys and tools to put a contented smile on your face.

Two years ago Skye was a new mum and was betrayed by her husband.  She loves her daughter very much, but she misses having a man in her life. When Skye tries to track down her ex husband so that he can be involved in her life, she is shocked to discover that he's working as a sex therapist on the Boot Knockers Ranch. She decides to book herself a week at the ranch so that she can kill two birds with one stone - speak to Booker about their daughter, and have a week of fun and sex with one of the other gorgeous cowboys. But when Booker finds out she's at the ranch he has other ideas - no way is Skye spending the week with any cowboy but him!

The heart of this story is about trust. Skye never trusted Booker as he's a real charmer and flirts with everyone. Can Booker convince her that she jumped to conclusions before she kicked her out? And can he forgive Skye for not giving him a chance to explain and for not trusting him?

Booker is a fantastic character, I instantly fell in love with him. He was fun, flirty and was as sexy as hell. I really liked Skye too, but she was very insecure and her jealousy sometimes annoyed me.  Booker and Skye had great chemistry together, and their sex scenes were amazing. There were also some m/m scenes including a fabulous ménage with Booker, Skye and another Boot Knocker.  The book also had flashes of humour that had me laughing at loud at times, and the witty banter between the cowboys was brilliant. I can't find any faults with this book - five stars!

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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