Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Book review - Holly Berry by Emma Jaye (BDSM romance) 4.5 stars

Holly Berry by Emma Jaye
Christmas BDSM romance 
4.5/5 stars 


Shaking his 'master' snow globe, Father Christmas searched for a solution to the biggest pain in the butt he’d suffered from in years. The fact that Holly’s personality was completely his fault didn’t help. Everyone at the North Pole was suffering, including Holly because he’d had a few too many sherries before magicking her into existence to help with the Christmas rush.
Somewhere on Earth, there had to be someone who had a Christmas wish to spend some time with a cute, pain loving, sarcastic and bolshie blonde girl, who had a significant chip on her shoulder.
BRB chuckled to himself as an image of a tall, brown haired man appeared in his globe. Oh yes, Kian Thompson had been a very good boy for quite a few years now, and he deserved a reward. Whether he’d cope with the reward who would soon be on her way to him, was quite another matter.

Warning: Contains gratuitous festive references of a significantly English nature, kinky fairy action, and one frequently bewildered human Dom. 


I received a copy of this book via Indigo Marketing and Design in exchange for a honest review.

Holly Berry is a magical Christmas fairy tale with a unique kinky twist. It's not the kind of book I'd usually choose, but I was in a festive mood so I thought I'd give it a chance - and I'm really glad that I did. Yes it's a bit (okay make that a lot) far fetched, but that's what makes this book such a fun read. It is witty, hilarious, seriously sexy and a very entertaining story.

Santa doesn't make many mistakes, but he did when he created his latest Christmas fairy. He got a little bit tipsy, stubbed his toe and swore while he was creating Holly - and he ended up with a sarcastic, bad tempered, pain loving fairy! She's a disaster at granting children's wishes, so he moves her to the adult department. There he finds the ideal wish for Holly to grant - making Kian Thompson happy. Kian's a Dom and Santa knows he can handle the trouble making fairy.

I love, love, love Holly - she's a great character. To start with I thought she might be annoying, but I just couldn't help falling in love with her. Kian was really sweet, but when he went into Dom mode he was totally hot! He cared for Holly and tried to stop her self destructive ways. He was often confused by his Christmas fairy, and this had me laughing out loud. If you're looking for a lighthearted and sexy festive story then this is the book for you. Holly Berry receives four and a half stars.

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