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Book review - Asunder by Phoenyx Slaughter (erotic biker romance) 5/5stars

Asunder by Phoenyx Slaughter 
Erotic biker romance 
5/5 stars 


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Iron Bulls MC #1
Dante is older, dark, dangerous, and the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Iron Bulls MC. Sex with him was supposed to be a way to get even with my ex-boyfriend.
Instead I find myself falling for the raunchy, dirty-talking biker who’ll do anything to protect me.

Karina Rivers was supposed to be a one-time, afternoon distraction. I'm way too old and twisted for someone as innocent as this beautiful girl.
I want her anyway. Want to own every last piece of her.
Unfortunately she has the power to tear my MC apart—and she doesn’t even know it

Strong language and adult situations, featuring a foul-mouthed biker and the girl who melts his stone-cold heart.
Novella length.
Book #1 of a new series.

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Publication date - 3 May 2015


Wow! This book is hot - and I mean catch your kindle on fire hot!  It is deliciously dirty right from the first page, and it gets hotter as the story progresses.  This is the first book of a new series and if the rest of the series is as good as this one then it will be a must read.  The writing was slick, the story flowed well and the characters were well developed.  It is a short novella length book, but it sure packs a punch.

Karina hooks up with Dante, a sergeant-at-arms for a motorcycle club, to get back at her ex Logan.  Both Karina and Dante expect this to be a one time thing, but both are surprised when Dante wants to continue the relationship.  Dante is a lot older than Karina and he doesn't do relationships, but there is something special about her.  Dante is rough, tough and he has an absolutely filthy mouth but there is something about him that makes you fall in love with him.  Karina is really sweet too.  She is young, fairly innocent and desperate to be cared for after being brought up by a father who gave her no attention or love.

Dante is a real alpha male while Karina is obviously submissive.  They don't have an official Dom/sub relationship, but there are elements of BDSM in their relationship.  This is all done really well and is oh so hot!

Asunder is a great read and I can't wait to read the next book after that ending.  I'm really looking forward to seeing where the author takes the story.  This book features tough badass bikers who use rough language - so it may not be for everyone, but personally I loved it.  Five stars!

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review 

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