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Book review - Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender (BDSManthology) 5/5 stars

Mastered 2: Ten Tales of Sensual Surrender 
BDSM anthology 
Overall rating - 5/5 stars 


On the heels of the wildly popular New York Times and USA Today bestseller, MASTERED, we bring you MASTERED 2, ten more tales of sensual surrender!

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Publication date - 21 April 2015

Overall rating 5/5 stars 

Mastered 2 is a wonderful collection of stories that all have a BDSM theme.  I'm a bit wary of anthologies as I often find that I only like one or two of the stories, but I can honestly say that I enjoyed all of the stories in Mastered 2.  I've rated each of the stories individually and they all got four or five stars, there wasn't a bad apple amongst them.  I was already a fan of many of the authors in this collection, but I have also discovered some new talented authors that I love.  The stories in this collection all feature BDSM or kink but they vary in intensity from playful games to formal Dom/sub relationships.  There is a fabulous variety of stories and I definitely recommend this great value box set.

Mastered by the Player by Opal Carew - 5/5 stars 

Mastered by the Player is a hot, short read from this talented author.  Opal Carew is so good at creating sexy, dominant alpha males who make me want to swoon - or fall to my knees in front of them! - and the hero of this book is no exception.

Jacqueline wants to help her sister, but to do this she will need to talk to Race Danner.  She manages to find a way into a high stakes poker game held by Race, and the sexy billionaire is enchanted by the beautiful woman who could be just what he's looking for to ease the boredom that he's been feeling lately.  The game that follows is anything but boring and makes for sexy, fun reading.

I liked both main characters and enjoyed the chemistry between them.  I'd love there to be a sequel to this book so we can see how the relationship between them develops.  As always in Opal's books the sex scenes are fabulous and scorching hot.  I enjoyed this story and give it five out of five stars.

Tangled and Bound by Jennifer Leeland - 5/5 stars 

I absolutely loved this MMF ménage story.  There was so much emotion in this story, I was in tears at times.  I connected with all three characters right from the start and I really wanted their relationship to succeed.  Sometimes ménage stories can seem overly simplistic, with none of the problems this type of relationship can have, but this story was realistic and believable.  

Submissive Tasha has joined long term lovers Noah and Ty in their relationship.  The sex and kink is great, but when emotions become entangled things become more complicated.  Dominant Noah knows that Tasha has always loved switch Ty and fears being left out, but it's Ty who's insecurities and jealousy cause him to run.  Can Tasha and Noah convince him that their relationship can work?

This story pulled me in from the start, and I literally couldn't put it down.  The three main characters are fantastic, I loved all of them.  Their relationship had its ups and downs but the bond between these three was strong, and the chemistry was sizzling.  The sex scenes were great, really hot, but this story was more than just sex - it was about the complex emotions of three people embarking on an unusual relationship and the growing bond and love between them all.  The writing was stylish, the characters well drawn, the storyline believable - I loved this book and will be reading more from this author.  Definitely worth five stars.

Her Secret by Portia Da Costa - 4/5 stars 

Her Secret is a short sexy story of old lovers meeting again several years after their relationship ended. I enjoyed this book, it was a sweet story with a nice amount of kink to spice it up.  

Jamie loved Susannah but she broke his heart when she ended her relationship before they both left for college.  When they both meet again at a wedding they are both still attracted to each other, but do they both still have deeper feelings for each other?

This is an enjoyable story about second chance love and I give it four out of five stars.

Luscious by T.J Michaels - 5/5 stars 

Luscious is fantastic story that I absolutely loved, it was so much more than I expected.  Love, heartbreak, a second chance at love and some great twists make this a must read book for fans of this genre.  I'll definitely be looking out for more books by this author.

MacKenzie has a dominant personality but she submits to one man, her husband Landon.  Married for ten years they went through a painful divorce but then reconciled and remarried.  Landon still blames himself for their split, and MacKenzie needs to come up with a plan to stop him punishing himself.

Both MacKenzie and Landon are strong personalities, and I liked both of them despite Landon's past mistakes.  The author manages to make the reader feel sympathy for both Landon and MacKenzie which is difficult to do with a hero that has cheated on the heroine in the past.  The storyline is interesting and enjoyable with unexpected twists and turns.  Luscious definitely gets five out of five stars.

One Night With My Billionaire Master by Cynthia Sax - 5/5 stars 

This is an intense story of domination and submission that is extremely satisfying. This was one of my favourite books in the anthology, I really enjoyed the chemistry and interaction between Arianna and Logan.  The writing was smooth and flowed well, it was easy to read and kept my interest to the end.

Arianna is tired of resisting Logan's advances and agrees to just one night with him.  Logan is her father's enemy has she shouldn't be seen with him, but the attraction between them is irresistible.  Arianna is a sweet character, she is strong despite her awful half siblings constantly trying to undermine her.  Logan is my dream Dom - gorgeous, outrageously naughty, strict but protective and possessive.

Cynthia Sax is a talented writer and I will be looking out for more of her books.  One Night With My Billionaire Master gets five big stars.

The Buyer by Saskia Walker - 4/5 stars 

The Buyer is a sweetly sexy story that is enjoyable to read.  I was slightly disappointed when I got to the end to find that this is only part one of their story, but I will look out for the next book so I can find out what happens next.

Naomi travels from Scotland to London to meet up with a fashion buyer of a prestigious retail agency in the hopes of selling her clothing range.  Unfortunately she gets there to find that the buyer is unavailable, but the company boss steps in instead.  Lucas is absolutely gorgeous and shows Naomi the pleasures of surrender.  

I'm looking forward to the next part of Naomi and Lucas' story, as I really liked this couple.  The Buyer gets four out of five stars.

Resistor by Madelynne Ellis - 5/5 stars 

I've been looking forward to this book for a while as I'm a big fan of Madelynne's series about rock band Black Halo.  You don't need to have read the other books to be able to follow the storyline, but I would encourage you to try them as they are fantastic.  The characters in these books are insanely sexy, larger then life rock gods and gorgeous, feisty rock chicks.  Resistor is a great read - it's sexy, fun and emotional.

Guitarist Spook has been celibate for seven years, but he can't get sound engineer Alle out of his head.  When he meets her again the attraction is still mutual but Alle can't convince him to give their relationship a chance.  Can she find out why Spook avoids sex and can she change his mind?

This was a great story, the distress that Spook went through made for emotional reading but this was balanced out by the steamy sex scenes.  Spook is one of my all time favourite characters, he's as hot as hell but he's a real enigma with dark secrets and a painful past.  Alle and Spook's story continues in the next book, which I hope is out soon as I can't wait to read it!  Resistor is definitely worth five stars.

His Touch by Karen Fenech - 5/5 stars 

His Touch is an emotional, heart wrenching story about abuse, betrayal, and learning to trust and love again.  It is dark in places, but it is a beautifully and realistically written story that will really touch your heart.

Submissive Corinne was horrifically abused by her husband Steve, who was also her Dom.  Injured and broken, both physically and mentally, Corinne ran to her nearest neighbour Nate.  He has secretly been in love with her for years and knows she is the woman for him.  Can he help her heal and repair her broken soul?

Unlike in some books I've read, Corinne will not recover from her ordeal overnight.  This book is realistic and believable, it will take a lot of time, patience, love and care before Corinne can begin to heal.  Nate is utterly adorable, he is a real sweetheart.  He is so patient and tender in the way he deals with Corinne, if anyone can help her heal and reclaim her submissiveness it will be him.  His Touch is a great read and I give it five stars.

Mastering the Mistress by Evangeline Anderson - 5/5 stars 

Mastering the Mistress was a big surprise for me.  When I discovered this was a sci-fi/fantasy story I seriously considered not reading this one as I hate sci-fi books.  But I wanted to be able to give this anthology a honest review, so I reluctantly started to read it.  I think Evangeline Anderson may have converted me into liking this genre as I loved this book!  It is exciting and sexy with two great lead characters, I'd definitely recommend it to people who enjoy this type of book (or even to those who don't, like me).

Space ship navigator Solar is kidnapped and put up for sale at a Flesh Bazaar as a sex slave.  Kaylee receives an inheritance from her wealthy great aunt, but is shunned by the upper society of her female dominated planet as she doesn't have a male body slave.  Men are treated as animals and are kept in slavery, and penetration during sex is a criminal offence.  Kaylee is convinced to go to the Flesh Bazaar and reluctantly purchases Solar.  What will happen if Solar turns the tables on his new Mistress?

I found this book absolutely fascinating.  There was so much detail about the various planets and the different races of people.  The author's writing was descriptive, flowed well and was a pleasure to read.  It was also seriously hot!  The plot was interesting and well executed - I loved it! Five stars!

Jenna's Punishment by Ruby Foxx - 4/5 stars 

This is a very short bonus story, but it's definitely worth reading as it is hot. 

Twenty one year old Jenna is helping her BFF's father clear out the den in his house, but she becomes to see him as more than her friend's Dad.  Cade is also attracted to Jenna but thinks a relationship between them is wrong because of the age gap and he doesn't think she could cope with his need to dominate.  But when Jenna breaks the only rule in Cade's house she needs to be punished.

This story may be short, but it packs a punch.  Four out of five stars.

XO, Blake by Avery Aster - 4/5 stars 

This is a fun book about a young, gay college student called Blake.  I don't often read books
 with young/new adult aged main characters - I think I'm too old for them lol - so this wouldn't be a book I normally choose, but despite this I did enjoy it.

Blake is lucky as his parents are extremely accepting about his sexuality and he has a great group of friends.  Blake and his friends go through a lot in this book, and Blake is there for his friends.  Blake also has a huge crush on his roommates but doesn't think the attraction is mutual.

This wouldn't be my usual reading choice, but it's a good read and gets four stars.

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