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Blog tour, giveaway & 4* review - Desire Me Now by Tiffany Clare

Desire Me Now

Desire Me # 1 

By: Tiffany Clare
Released May 5, 2015 
Avon Impulse 

When Amelia Grant’s past catches up with her and threatens to destroy the life she’s built, Nick Riley doesn’t hesitate to protect her.

With just one look Nick completely undoes her. He wanted her surrender and she all but threw it at his feet. She’s revealed her darkest secrets . . . let him into her heart as he drew her deeper into forbidden games of desire . . .

But what happens when Nick’s secrets can destroy the very foundation they’ve build between each other? Will he let Amelia through the barriers of his past? Or will the truth tear them apart? 

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Desire Me Now is an enjoyable historical romance with an erotic edge.  I used to read a lot of historical romances, but I went off them in the end because I began to find them predictable and a little dull.  Desire Me Now is far from dull, it is sexy and exciting, and whilst in some ways it's a little predictable there is plenty of mystery and suspense to keep your interest.  It is the first book in a series, so I will be looking out for the next book as I really need to know what happens next in Amelia and Nick's world.

Amelia flees from her employer - straight into the path of a speeding carriage.  She is rescued by Nick Riley who takes her home with him and promises to keep her safe.  He is determined to make Amelia his and sets out to seduce her.  

I really liked Amelia, she had been through so much yet she has remained strong and fought for survival.  I wasn't as keen on Nick, I thought he rushed Amelia into a relationship a bit too soon after the incident with her former employer.  However he obviously has a kind heart as not only does he look after Amelia, he's also rescued all of his staff members from bad situations.  I am looking forward to finding out more about Nick and his dark, mysterious past in the next book.  

The chemistry between Nick and Amelia was hot.  I loved the bedroom scenes, I thought that they were well done, they were very steamy.  I also found Amelia's innocence really charming, and she really thrived under Nick's expert tutelage. Desire Me Now is a sexy historical romance that I enjoyed reading, and it gets four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

She didn’t miss the note of intimacy in his comment. And while his admission and the underlying innuendo should have her running from the house, she found herself intrigued. What in the world was wrong with her? Her imaginings from last night were what was wrong with her. She’d sketched a picture of this man in her mind that was too perfect and without flaws. Everyone had flaws.
She decided right then and there that she couldn’t trust herself in his presence. Her imagination had run wild with this man’s character, and she couldn’t help but paint him as some sort of hero, not only for rescuing her but also for giving her the things she desperately needed right now—a safe place, a job . . . a chance.
With self-preservation finally at the forefront of her thoughts, she managed to take an uneven step away from him. The misstep shot a heavy dose of pain up her leg, and it felt like her stomach was in her throat with the sudden correction in her balance. But Mr. Riley grasped her arm firmly. Instead of toppling back, she was crushed along the length of his body.
With her hands wrapped around his strong forearms, she let him steady her long enough that her head stopped spinning. His thumbs brushed back and forth over the inside of her wrist, letting her focus on the intimacy of his touch instead of the pain radiating from her ankle.
His nearness did strange things to her, things that made her want to step closer instead of away from him, to be touched everywhere as familiarly as he stroked her wrist. She shook her head and dropped her arms to her sides. She needed to get a better grasp on her emotions, her desires.

Author Info

Deciding that life had far more to offer than a nine to five job, bickering children and housework of any kind (unless she’s on a deadline when everything is magically spotless), TIFFANY CLARE opened up her laptop to write stories she could get lost in. Tiffany writes sexy historical romances set in the Victorian era. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids and two dogs and you can find out more about her and her books at

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