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Book review - Bad Company by Lissa Jay (erotic romance) 5/5 stars

Bad Company by Lissa Jay
Erotic biker romance 
5/5 stars 


Please note that this book is intended for ages 18+. It contains violence, scenes of a sexual nature and a hot biker with a potty mouth.

Scottish psychologist Doctor Kelly Ann Darrow loves her career and has never permitted her feelings to impact her professionalism, but when biker Cameron Iss arrives in her care, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the unconscious man. His tattoos and the mysterious circumstances of his arrival intrigue her to distraction.

Cameron Iss awakes in a strange country with no memory of how he got there and no knowledge of who he is. He takes out his frustrations at his amnesia on the sexy doctor enlisted with helping him unlock his mind.

A mutual chemistry forms between them, and Kelly is plagued with guilt at her unethical and inappropriate attraction to this, her most perplexing patient yet.

As his memories begin to return and they discover more about his violent past and his connection with a motorcycle club in America, the element of danger both excites and frightens Kelly, and nothing can douse the erotic fire he has sparked inside her.

Will Kelly risk her career, her reputation, and all she is for the man who has ignited a dormant passion within her or will his returning memories steal him away for good? 

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Bad Company is a biker romance with a unique and intriguing storyline.  It is a tale of forbidden love between a psychologist and her patient, and I really enjoyed reading the emotional turmoil that the heroine went through after falling for someone that she shouldn't.  I literally couldn't put this book down, I devoured it in one afternoon while I was on holiday.  Lissa Jay is a new author and she should be very proud of her debut book.  Bad Company is the first book in the Company of Sinners MC series, and I'll be looking out for the next book when it's released.

Psychologist Kelly is intrigued by one of her patients, Cameron, who was brought into the hospital under mysterious circumstances suffering from amnesia.  Cameron has no idea who he is and how he came to be in Scotland.  Sparks fly between Cameron and his sexy doctor, but as his memory gradually returns he worries that he has a violent past and he doesn't like the person he seems to be.

I liked how the author gradually gave us information about Cameron's past through his dreams and flashbacks.  This kept me turning the pages, as I was totally intrigued by his mysterious past. I'm not going to say any more about the storyline as I don't want to give anything away.  I really liked Kelly and I'm totally in love with Cameron.  He's a tattooed bad boy biker, he is as sexy as hell but he also has a kind heart and really cares for Kelly. The setting for this book was fantastic, the author really brought Scotland alive.  The supporting cast was great too, I especially liked Six, and I'm hoping that his story is next.  Bad Company gets five big stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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