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Book review - Strangers In The Night by Jaycee Edward & HelenaStone(m/m BDSM romance) 4 stars

Strangers In The Night by Jaycee Edward and Helena Stone
M/m BDSM romance 
4/5 stars 


When Army veteran Slade stumbles upon an isolated cottage on a cold, dark night, the young man finds more than just the shelter he’s seeking.

Former club Dominant Callum is surprised to find a handsome stranger knocking at his door but invites him in despite his reservations. A nightmare reveals Slade’s deep-seated emotional issues, and Callum knows he needs to get creative if he’s going to help Slade leave the past behind.

Neither man is prepared for the feelings Slade’s introduction into the world of BDSM will unleash, and thirty-six hours will either be enough to bind them, or they will remain forever strangers in the night.

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Book review 
I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

Strangers In The Night was a difficult book for me to rate and review, I've been going back and forth between three and four stars for a couple of days now.  I finally decided on four stars because I enjoyed the story and really liked the characters, I just had a couple of issues with the book.  These issues stemmed from one problem - it was too short.  This story had such promise, but because it was so short key issues weren't given enough time to be developed and resolved properly.  That being said, I still enjoyed it and it's a good read, it just could have been so much more.  I'm really hoping that there will be a sequel so that the story can be expanded upon.

Callum is surprised to find a frozen, handsome stranger on his doorstep, but against his better judgement he invites him in. Former soldier Slade has many issues resulting from his time in the military, but Dom Callum thinks he has a solution to help him.

This book only covers a few days, so the trust between developed a little quickly for my tastes, but I didn't find this a major problem.  This book is hot, I really enjoyed the BDSM scenes between Callum and Slade.  I really liked Callum, although I would love to know more about his background - I'm sure there must be a story behind him living in such an isolated cottage.  Slade is just adorable, and I really felt for him after everything he's been through.  I'm really hoping that this is the start of a series and there's a sequel, as these two have so much left to tell and Slade still has so much to work through.  Strangers In The Night gets four out of five stars.

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