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Book review - Reclaimed Surrender by Riley Murphy (BDSM romance) 5 stars

Reclaimed Surrender by Riley Murphy
BDSM romance 
5/5 stars 


Things take a sizzling turn when Rene Tanner finds himself neck-deep in marital unbliss. He’s fully prepared to do whatever it takes to reclaim his wife’s surrender. The way he sees it? He’s been putting her on a pedestal when all she really wanted—needed—was for Rene to put her on her knees.

Alexis Tanner has felt alone and unfulfilled for quite a while. So when her marriage counselor suggests a week of “As You Wish” therapy, she’s expecting to be wooed with chocolates and flowers. Instead she winds up in leather restraints and a silver collar. Now she must surrender to her darkest desires—or be forced to let Rene go forever.

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This is my first book by this author and I have to say that I absolutely loved it and Riley Murphy has been added to my list of favourite BDSM authors.  The heat level in this book is so hot it's off the scale,  it really was a sexy book.  There was more to this book than kinky sex though - it was a touching, emotional story of lost trust with a hero who works hard to regain that trust.  I found the author's writing style to be really easy to read, the writing seemed effortless and gripped me right from the first page.

Alexis and Rene used to have a loving D/s relationship, but for the last few months things have been extremely tense between them and they are no longer Dom and sub.  Rene made a mistake and Alexis saw this as a breach of trust and has been unable to move past this.  A third party has also been putting thoughts in Alexis' head in an attempt to break her marriage apart.  But Rene has a plan to rebuild their relationship - he needs to stop treating her with kid gloves and treat her as his much loved submissive again.

Rene and Alexis are both strong, well written characters and the connection between them is obvious despite the problems they are going through.  Their sexual chemistry is so, so hot - this pair will catch your kindle on fire!  The BDSM elements were well done and I really enjoyed the punishment scene.  This is the first book in the Trust In Me series so I plan to check out the other stories in the near future.  Reclaimed Surrender definitely receives five sexy stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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