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Book review - Bound With Honor by Megan Mulry (erotichistoricalromance) 5 stars

Bound with Honor by Megan Mulry
F/F/M/M erotic historical romance 
5/5 stars 


Lord Archibald Cambury, Marquess of Camburton, has never wanted for anything . . . except normalcy. Although he adores both of his loving mothers, and his vivacious twin sister with her two husbands, he wants a wife. One wife. Full stop. Is that so much to ask?

Miss Selina Ashby appears to be everything Archie has always wanted in a marchioness: demure, soft-spoken, and pretty, with a quick mind and delectable humor. Yes, she is a bit forward, but he chalks that up to youth. Yes, she has a very particular friend in Beatrix Farnsworth, but he chalks that up to loyalty. He is a lord; she is a lady; they are in love. And so they marry. That should be the end of it.

But when Archie discovers that his wife is as passionate with her particular friend Beatrix as he is with his particular friend Christopher, his world is shattered. He must decide if Selina’s love is big enough for both of them—and whether normalcy is truly more important than the love he feels for both the man and the woman who have become so dear to him.

Word count: 67,200; page count: 253


Megan Mulry brings us another unique story with the latest book in her Regency Reimagined series. Bound with Honor is my favourite book in the series so far. The author has created some fabulous characters for this series, and stuffy aristocrat Lord Archibald Cambury is another well drawn, intriguing character. The other members of his family are all rather wild for the time and have unconventional relationships. Archie has always wanted a 'normal' relationship with a good, steady woman - and he has set his sights on writer Selina Ashby.

Selina has feelings for Archie, but she also has a female lover - Beatrix. Selina dreams of being able to have a relationship with both Archie and Beatrix - but this looks unlikely when her forward behaviour continues to shock Archie. What she doesn't know is that Archie also has a secret lover - his best friend Christopher. Can conservative Archie and free spirit Selina make a relationship work?

I adored Selina, she is a great character - she knows what (or who) she wants, and does all she can to get it. Selina is the complete opposite of Archie, who's stuffy behaviour sometimes got on my nerves, but they actually complimented each other's characters. Beatrix and Christopher were both great characters too, but I wish we could have gotten to know more about them. There are some hot scenes in this book which would definitely make a proper Regency Lady swoon!

Bound with Honor is a unusual historical romance and I really enjoyed it. This series is great fun to read, the author manages to put a brilliantly kinky, erotic twist on the usual Regency romantic stories. Bound With Honor receives five stars.

I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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