Sunday, 25 October 2015

Book review - Body Shots by Anne Rainey (ménage romance) 3 stars

Body Shots by Anne Rainey
M/F/M ménage romance 
3/5 stars 


Free To Desire

No longer trapped in an abusive relationship, Crystal Shaw is ready to commit her body to the pursuit of sex. When her best friend invites her to an alternative club called Kinks, it's the perfect opportunity to realize her long dormant desires. . .

Committed To Pleasure

Inside the hot, throbbing club, Crystal finds herself drawn into the orbit of two of the sexiest men she's ever laid eyes on. It turns out Trent and Mac are co-owners of Kinks, and Crystal quickly discovers business isn't the only thing the two share. The feelings are indescribable as she gives every inch of her insatiable body to their experience and imagination. And she knows that once and for all, she is completely alive. . .


This is quite a difficult book for me to review as I wanted to love it, but sadly I didn't. It started off brilliantly and I thought it would be a five star review, but it gradually it went downhill and ended up being a three star review.  I'm a big fan of M/F/M ménage romances, but this one didn't really work for me. It felt more like there were two separate couples than one complete trio. I just didn't see this relationship lasting which made me lose interest in the story.

Crystal has fled from her abusive husband and is making a fresh start. When her friend talks her into going to a BDSM club, Kinks, she meets two gorgeous men who want to give her a night she'll never forget. Trent and Mac are entranced by Crystal, but can they convince her that they want her for more than one night?

This book was very hot, and there were some very well written sex scenes. I noticed though that there was one threesome scene that was pretty much word for word the same as one earlier in the book. I did have an ARC version of this book though, so it may have been corrected in the final version.  Crystal was a great character, she was so strong and had overcome so much. This was an enjoyable book, and it's very sexy, but it had so much potential to be even better. Three stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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