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Book review - Not Negotiable by Samantha Cole (BDSM romance) 5 stars

Not Negotiable by Samantha Cole 
BDSM romance 
5/5 stars 


Shelby Whitman beat cancer several years ago, but the resulting physical and emotional damage left her feeling like less than a real woman. The comfort she found in the BDSM community brightened her world again, however, she kept the Doms at a distance. Play was fine. Relationships were not. And that was fine until Master Parker caught her eye. Now, her cancer has returned and she refuses to be a burden to anyone...especially the one man who has crawled his way into her heart.

Parker Christiansen has craved the perky sub for as long as he can remember, but Shelby has refused to negotiate a scene with him and he has no idea why. When he finds out she is secretly going through chemotherapy, he insists that she move in with him. She needs a Dom to take care of her and he is more than up for the task.

Can Parker convince Shelby that he loves her no matter what and if they only have this time together, they should make the best of it?

18+ Adult Content.

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Samantha Cole has treated us to a cracking novella set in the Trident Security world. It stars Shelby and Parker who have both appeared as supporting characters in previous books in the series. This book has a slightly different feel that the others, there are no terrorists after our hero or heroine here. Instead we have a beautiful, heartfelt story about love, trust, caring and friendship. And of course it is spiced up with some fabulously kinky sex!

Shelby is a much loved submissive at the BDSM club which is run by the owners of Trident Security. She has made some great friends and had some out of this world orgasms, but she's not looking for a long term relationship. This is why she continues to refuse to play with Parker. He is her dream Dom, but Shelby thinks he deserves a partner who can give him something she can't. But when Parker finds out that Shelby is secretly fighting a second battle with cancer, he refuses to take no for an answer and insists on looking after her during her chemotherapy treatment. Can Shelby beat cancer again? And can Parker convince her that she is the only woman he wants and needs in his life.

This is such a touching, emotional story - yes it had me in tears at times but it also put a huge smile on my face. Parker is a take charge kind of guy, and he really knows how to look after his woman - and he also knows how to make her scream with pleasure. Shelby is such a fighter who likes to put a brave face on things - I would never have guessed what she'd been through in the past. They make a great couple and I really enjoyed their story.

As a dog mad reader I always love the pets that this author creates for her characters, and I think Spanky the rescued bull mastiff is my favourite so far. First of all the name Spanky is awesome, and he had a wonderful nature that showed the true character of this breed. Ok I may be a bit biased as I have a rescued bull mastiff mix myself, but I think Spanky is fabulous and he stole the show! Right I'll stop talking about the dog now!

If you're a fan of romantic BDSM stories I'd definitely recommend that you read this novella. Not Negotiable gets five fabulous stars.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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