Saturday, 31 October 2015

Book review - The Mistress and her Men by Minerva Howe(historicalménage) 4 stars

The Mistress and her Men by Minerva Howe
Historical BDSM MMF ménage romance 
4/5 stars 


The path to love isn’t always a straight line. Sometimes it’s a triangle.

When Simon realizes his dearest friend is in real trouble with gambling, whoring and daredeviling, he hits on the perfect solution: provide Matthias with an outlet for his self-destructive urges. While Simon would be more than willing to take on the task himself, Matthias has always fought their “unnatural” attraction.

As London’s Mistress of Discipline, Felice Grey wears her independent and scandalous reputation with confidence. She’ll take on Matthias for one night as a favor to Simon—even break her own rules to let Simon watch. She never expected that Matthias’s struggle against his feelings for Simon would touch her heart, or that she’d feel drawn to both men. Especially since Simon’s dominant nature makes it unlikely he’ll bend to her will.

Simon, barely surviving the night’s session, withdraws to his country estate in hopes that his two favorite people will find each other. Felice and Matthias must make a decision—let happiness fall by the wayside, or pursue it—and damn the risk.

Warning: Nothing can stop this femme domme from claiming both her men, and nothing can stop her from showing them how to claim each other. Not whips, or chains, or even too-tight corsets...

I used to read a lot of historical romances but I ended up getting bored of them - well there's no chance of getting bored of this historical romance with a twist! It's racy little story with a MMF ménage romance, a BDSM theme and a Domme who knows what she wants and how to get it.  This book is set in the late 1700s when it was a hanging offence to be gay or have 'unnatural perversions', so this adds an intriguing backdrop to the story. 

Simon is a rich Viscount with strong feelings for his best friend Matthias. But Matthias has always bottled up his 'unnatural' feelings for Simon, which has caused to him punishing himself by gaming, brawling and losing his fortune. Simon comes up with a solution to help his friend work off his frustration and need for punishment, and arranges for the Mistress of Discipline, Felice, to help him. Things become intense and complicated between the trio, which leads to a fascinating story that I really enjoyed reading.

This is a fairly short book, so there's not a lot of room for character development, but it is still a great book that held my attention from start to finish. The BDSM scenes are imaginative, varied and very hot and the storyline is interesting. The Mistress and her Men gets four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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