Saturday, 3 October 2015

Book review - Xtraordinary by Ruby Laska (BDSM romance) 4/5 stars

Xtraordinary by Ruby Laska 
BDSM romance/suspense
4/5 stars 


International art thief Ricardo de los Santos barely introduced Chelsea to the dark, sensual world he inhabits when he disappeared. Now he's back—demanding more of her than ever.

Art dealer Chelsea Ryder has spent only two incredible evenings with Ricardo de los Santos when he disappears, leaving only a cryptic note. Attempting to trace the priceless painting he gave her, Chelsea finds nothing but dead ends—and increasing evidence that her lover is involved with dangerous crimes.

Still, she can't forget the man who promised to take her all the way on the journey of submission she barely began. She tries to numb her need with work until she is contacted by an FBI agent who wants her to cooperate in a sting operation. Ricardo returns before she can cement her arrangement with the FBI. He neither admits nor denies her accusations, but takes her back into his bed, where he pushes the limits of her experience, intuitively guiding her to the things she has sworn she will never do.

Torn between her need and her doubts, she starts an investigation of her own, hiring a former art forger to find out the truth about Ricardo. Is he merely a man ruled by immense passions—or a murderer as well as a thief?

Ricardo and Chelsea are back in the second book in the Xquisite series, and things are really hotting up between them. At the end of the first book, Ricardo had disappeared after introducing Chelsea to the sexy world of dominance and submission, but now he is back in her life. But what secrets is he hiding? And is he really capable of murder?

In this book we find out much more about Ricardo and the dark and dangerous life that he leads. When this puts Chelsea in danger he steps in to protect her and resumes his lessons on submission - with some very sexy results! I love the chemistry between this pair, it truly is explosive. I also find myself falling in love with Ricardo - he may be arrogant and be involved in some very dodgy dealings, but there is something about him that makes me swoon. He's protective, deliciously dominant, oh so sexy and deep down inside he has a good heart.

The suspense part of the storyline gets even more exciting and intriguing in this instalment. There are some nice twists and it kept me on the other edge of my seat. I really can't wait to see what happens next.  Xtraordinary is a hot, gripping book that receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.

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