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Book review - All Fired Up by Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy (m/fromance) 4 stars

All Fired Up by Vivian Arend & Elle Kennedy
M/F romance
4/5 stars

All Fired Up is the first book in the DreamMakers series about three ex army rangers who retire from the military and set up a company that helps clueless men plan dream dates for their partners.  This is such a unique idea for a book, so different from the security companies ex soldiers usually set up in romance novels!  Vivian Arend and Elle Kennedy have created a group of characters who work so well together - this is a fun, witty book that is a pleasure to read.

'Parker Wilson never thought he’d go from battle-hardened soldier to romance expert, but after his stint in the Rangers, that’s exactly what happened. As the owner of DreamMakers Inc., he helps other men win in the love department, using every resource available to plan the perfect date. When a routine recon turns into an unexpected night of passion, Parker’s mission becomes more personal—and he won’t give up until Lynn Davidson is all his.

Lynn is a goner from the moment she lays eyes on the delectable Parker. She’s just ditched her boring almost-boyfriend and is tired of sticking to the straight and narrow. It’s time to walk on the wild side, and what better way than in the arms of the most irresistible man she’s ever met? But when their red-hot affair is threatened, it’ll take a team effort to make their dreams come true.'

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Parker is a great character, I love the banter between him and his partners Dean and Jack - it had me laughing out loud at times.  Similarly I also loved the relationship between Lynn and her best friend Suz, I'm hoping Suz is one of the main characters in one of the other books in this series.  Both Lynn and Parker are lovable characters who I instantly connected with and I wanted them to succeed in their relationship and lives.

The chemistry between Parker and Lynn is off the charts. It is lust at first sight, but deeper feelings soon develop.  The sex scenes are seriously steamy, they will have you feeling hot under the collar.  There is a threesome near the beginning of the book, so if you aren't comfortable reading about this then this may not be the book for you.  Personally I loved this scene though, two hunky ex-soldiers intent on giving their woman pleasure - sounds perfect to me!

Things aren't all straight forward for Parker and Lynn, there are obstacles in their path to happiness that they must overcome.  This leads to some exciting drama that was fun to read.

The story is told from both Lynn and Parker's points of view, as well as some chapters that were told from various friends' points of views.  Some of these chapters seemed a bit random to me, and didn't really add to this story, but I assume they are to set up future books in this story.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, and will look out for more from these authors.  I give All Fired Up four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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