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Book review - Wild Ride by Opal Carew (erotic romance) 5/5 stars

Wild Ride by Opal Carew
Erotic romance with some BDSM elements
5/5 stars

Wild Ride is the second book I've read by Opal Carew, and she's fast becoming one of my favourite authors.  It is a fun, super sexy novella that is a pleasure to read.  Well written with fabulous characters, it definitely is a wild, steamy ride.

Wild Ride is book two in the Ready to Ride series and is also part of the Invitation to Eden series, but it can also be read as a standalone.

'Her friend told her dreams come true at Eden, but this is more like a nightmare. 
Marissa is shaken when her bad-assed biker ex-boyfriend shows up at her door. She doesn’t let him in—she’s no fool—but now she’s being stalked by a man she thought she’d left in the past. When her friend receives an invitation to an exclusive resort called Eden, but can’t go because of work commitments, she talks Marissa into taking the trip. It will take her far away from her now-turned-stalker ex-boyfriend and give her a well needed rest. But she finds that even in paradise she can’t escape the man from her past. On a trip to a little town near the resort, she spots him watching her. When he strides toward her, she dodges down a side street, her heart pounding. A passing stranger on a motorcycle pulls up and, seeing her panic, commands her to get onto the bike. She doesn’t know why she trusts him—maybe just any port in a storm—but she jumps on the stranger’s bike and he takes off. Now the chase has begun. Her knight in supple leather knows how to ride and they manage to lose her ex. For now. But soon, Marissa wonders if she’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire as she clings to the tough, tattooed man who saved her. All she knows for sure is – it’s going to be one Wild Ride!'

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Marissa is trying to escape from her biker ex-boyfriend, who she believes is a murderer. She escapes by jumping on the back of a stranger's motorbike - possibly not the wisest idea!  The stranger is a handsome, gruff, dominant biker caller Killer - not a name that inspires trust!  They are instantly attracted to each other and soon end up sleeping with each other.

The sex scenes in this book are off the charts - seriously hot!  Killer likes things his way and Marissa willingly submits to him.  I loved the scene with the gag - I read a lot of erotica and have never read a scene like that before!  Opal Carew has a terrific imagination and really knows how to raise the heat levels.  The last couple of chapters were so hot it left my glasses steamed up!

I liked both of the main characters, although Marissa did initially annoy me as she's ridiculously trusting.  Killer is so hot - I love an alpha male character, especially when he is also a biker! I would have loved to find out more about his history.  It was great to see some of the other characters from the Ready to Ride series too.  

Is there more between Marissa and Killer than just sex?  What is Killer hiding?  Can Marissa really trust him?  Will he keep her safe from her ex?  Go along for the ride and have fun finding out!

Overall this is a great short read.  I really love both the Ready to Ride and Invitation to Eden series and I can't wait to read more.  Wild Ride gets five smokin' hot stars!

Wild Ride is also available as part of the Bad Boys of Eden anthology.  Get it now for just 99 cents! Bargain!

I read this book in The Bad Boys of Eden anthology, which I received from Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for posting a book blitz post.  The book blitz post can be seen here -

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