Monday, 2 March 2015

Book review - Exclusively Logan's by Evie Knight 5/5 stars

Exclusively Logan's by Evie Knight
M/F erotic romance
5/5 stars

Exclusively Logan's is the third book in the In Bed With The Enemy series.  I hadn't read the first two books, but I still really enjoyed this book.  I would have liked to have know more about the other characters and events surrounding them, but the author explained everything well enough that it didn't detract from Logan and Rissa's story.  Exclusively Logan's is a exciting read, there is so much in it to keep you happy - an alpha male hero, a strong talented heroine, love, red hot passion, suspense and danger.  I loved it!

Logan’s enviable career success as a talent agent is surrounded by tragedy. He seeks justice and will stop at nothing to put behind bars the man responsible for his cousin’s tragic death. Everything is under control until Rissa, the ballerina posing as his personal assistant, hands him her resignation. Letting her walk out of his life isn’t an option he’ll entertain. Not now when he’s ready to make his intentions known.
Ever since an accident ended her career, Marissa dreams of returning to the life she once belonged to. When the ballet company offers to take her back, it’s an opportunity she can’t decline. Only she forgets how hard it’ll be to leave Logan, the man she’s refused to fall for. Especially when he’s made it clear he wants to be part of her life.
As deceit, drugs, and lust weave around them, they’ll have to decide if the price of love is worth their dreams.

Logan and Rissa have known each other for years, but as Logan was Rissa's boss he didn't pursue the relationship he wanted with her.  Now Rissa has quit her job as Logan's PA to return to her career as a principal ballet dancer.  Logan goes all out to pursue Rissa, determined to make Rissa 'exclusively his'.

I liked both main characters, especially Logan.  Yes he is possessive, jealous and can be controlling, but he is an alpha male with a heart of gold.  Logan has a history of drug addiction and has been working hard not to fall back into bad habits.  He is mourning his cousin who committed suicide after she was raped.  This has led him and his father to start a charitable foundation in his cousin's name.  It is heart-warming to see how much he loved his cousin, who was like a sister to him, and his working so hard to help other women makes you fall in love with him even more.  His cousin's rape and the trial of her rapist creates the suspense element of this book, it really draws you in and is an exciting read.

Rissa and Logan both have busy careers, and it is a real struggle for them to make their relationship work.  Rissa also finds Logan's jealousy hard to deal with, especially regarding her ex boyfriend and current dance partner, Pierre.  Their relationship is full of ups and downs, but the love that grows between them is strong.  As is the lust - their love life is red hot and the sparks really fly.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, and will probably go back to read the first two books.  The story is well written and flows really well - Exclusively Logan's gets five stars.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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