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Book review - Twice Shy by Jill C Flanagan 3/5 stars

Twice Shy by Jill C Flanagan
M/F light BDSM romance
3/5 stars

Twice Shy is a novella about a young woman who reluctantly returns to her home town to confront her mother. She fled from the town as a teenager after a betrayal by her boyfriend, and now she has to deal with facing him again.  This is short book, and I did enjoy it, but I really wish it was longer. The story seemed rushed, and I didn't feel like I knew much about the hero by the end.

'Leaving Cutters Creek was the best thing Stacy Jones ever did. Returning is the last thing she ever wanted to do. 

Unfortunately it’s her only option. If she wants some questions answered, she needs to go back and confront her mother. If she doesn’t get the answers she needs, her whole future is at stake. 

Eight years ago she ran away when the guy she loved betrayed her in the worst possible way. She’s healed from those wounds but can she ever forgive?'

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Stacy is a BBW who is also a Domme.  She left Cutters Creek when she was just sixteen, after she was betrayed by her boyfriend Brendan.  Raised by a cruel mother, she was lucky to have been taken in by West and his submissive Tim.  They became surrogate parents who helped her come to terms with everything that happened to her, and to come to terms with her need to dominate.  I liked Stacy and loved her relationship with West, he was such a great character.

The Brendan we first met when he was a teenager was a bit of an idiot to be honest, a typical immature teenager.  Fast forward several years and he's really matured and has always regretted how he treated Stacy.  He still loves Stacy and has always hoped he would see her again.  I liked the man he's become, he seemed devoted to Stacy.

There is a small amount of BDSM in this book, and it is very light so shouldn't offend anyone.  Stacy is a caring Domme, who is more into control than pain.  Again I'd have like to see more of Stacy and Brendan's d/s relationship, as what was included was really well written.

A lot of the story is about Stacy's past and her relationship with her mother. Her relationship with Brendan feels almost secondary.  I really wish that this was longer so we could delve deeper into Stacy and Brendan's relationship, as it has so much potential for a great story.

Overall the was a good short read, but it could have been so much more.  Twice Shy gets three out of five stars.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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