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Book review - Hard Ride #1: A Novel in Three Parts by Opal Carew(erotic romance) 5/5 stars

Hard Ride #1: A Novel in Three Parts by Opal Carew
Erotic romance 
5/5 stars


Liv never expected to find herself trapped in an alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again...

When Shock encounters an old flame in a dark alley, it sends him spiraling. She's still as beautiful as ever, but she seems to have fallen on hard times since college, and he's concerned about the risks she seems to take. In order to keep her safe and finally have her for himself, he makes a sensual deal: his help for her complete submission. But will Liv be able to let go of the past and fall for the hard rider? 

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Publication date - April 7 2015

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Hard Ride is book number four in Opal Carew's popular Ready to Ride Series.  Hard Ride is initially being released as a three part serial in April 2015, then as a bundle in June 2015.  This is my review for part one of Hard Ride.

I am a big fan of Opal's Ready to Ride series that follows the exploits of Steele's gang of bikers, and in Hard Ride we get Shock's story.  Like his fellow bikers, Shock is big, muscled, tattooed and looks tough - but his hard exterior hides a soft heart. He also has a dominant personality and is seriously hot.  We find out that Shock's real name is Devin, and that he comes from a wealthy family who lost everything thanks to his father and brother's embezzlement.  However Shock went on to make his own fortune and then joined the biker gang and their nomadic way of life.

Our heroine, Liv, was friends with Shock in college but after a traumatic event she deliberately distanced himself from Shock.  Now years later she meets him again after he rescues her from a band of rough bikers.  Liv is desperately trying to raise money for her sick sister's medical treatment, and asks Shock for help, although she doesn't tell him why she needs it.  Shock agrees to help but in return she has to submit to him for a month.

Part one lays the foundation for Shock and Liv's story, and it is a great start to the series.  I like both characters - Liv is an endearing character who clearly loves her family.  Due to her past she is vulnerable, but equally determined to do what she has to to help her sister.  Shock is pure alpha male - he's sexy, dominant and clearly has strong feelings for our heroine.

I really enjoyed part one of Hard Ride, and I get wait to read the next part of this series.  This book gets five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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