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Book review - The Billionaire's Ink Mistress by Joely Sue Burkhart (BDSM romance) 5/5 stars

The Billionaire's Ink Mistress by Joely Sue Burkhart 
BDSM romance (femdom)
5/5 stars 


His desire for her pierces deeper than skin.
Billionaires in Bondage, Book 2

The Lawyer 
Jackson Montgomery Warring never lets opposing counsel see him sweat. Jugglinga dozen  billionaire clients on a daily basis, he’s always perfectly prepared, calm, cool and collected. Until he meets his best friend’s fiancée, the luscious Mistress L. Now he wants a Mistress for himself. Badly. Except the one who’s caught his eye is his complete opposite—a Goth-booted, tatted and pierced priestess of the local tattoo scene.

The Inker
For over a year, Diana Temple has been too busy at her up-and-coming tattoo shop tothrow one of her legendary BDSM parties. But for Jackson, she’ll make the time, especially since the slick, fancy lawyer admits he likes to watch.

The Secret
If she thought her edgy style might turn him off, she’s happy to discover she’s wrong.  But when she learns his secret addiction, she might refuse to teach him a thing or two about submission.Or maybe she’ll just punish him harder…

Warning: A rich, successful attorney in a downward spiral, a tattoo artist who happens to be a 
Mistress, a secret addiction and a peek at exhibitionism/voyeurism. 

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I absolutely loved this emotional femdom novel that was a sweet, love story spiced up with some deliciously kinky sex.  Mix a strong, feisty tattooed mistress with a gorgeous, workaholic billionaire who keeps himself going with amphetamines and you have the perfect recipe for a fun, sexy book that you won't want to put down.  The Billionaire's Ink Mistress is the second book in the Billionaires in Bondage series, but it can be read as a standalone.  This is the first book I've read by this author, but I look forward to reading more.

Jackson is a successful lawyer, but for him it's all work and no play - and no sleep or food either.  He relies on pills to stop himself from crashing, but he's pushing his body to the limit.  When he meets his friend's Mistress, he realises there is something missing in his life.  She introduces Jackson to Diana and the connection is instant.  Diana is initially wary of Jackson's addiction as her father was a drug addict, but she wants to help her fallen 'Angel'.

I loved Jackson's journey into the world of submission and how Diana helped him try to beat his demons and to show him that there's more to life than work.  Diana is a fabulous character - I absolutely loved her!  She's strong on the outside but has her own painful history and insecurities.  They were both really likable characters, and I found myself hoping they would succeed in life and love.

There were some really hot sex and spanking scenes.  I liked how Diana would adopt her Priestess persona, complete with chanting and meditation, to prepare herself for a scene.  Jackson was endearingly sweet, yet he managed to be super sexy at the same time.  I loved this couple, and found it a refreshing change that the gorgeous billionaire was the sub in the relationship, as in BDSM novels they are usually the Dom.

Femdom novels are hit and miss for me, I rarely find one I really like, but The Billionaire's Ink Mistress was a big hit and gets five stars from me.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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