Monday, 9 March 2015

Book review- Mob Mistress by Renee Rose (BDSM romance) 5/5 stars

Mob Mistress by Renee Rose
M/f BDSM romance 
5/5 stars

I absolutely loved this book - Renee Rose has crafted a wonderful tale about a mobster sugar daddy and a down on her luck submissive.  Dominance, submission, love, emotion and sizzling sexual chemistry combine to make this a must read book for fans of BDSM romances.  This is the second book in a series, but it can be read as a standalone with no problem at all.  Mob Mistress is the first book I've read by this author, but it won't be the last.

Mafia boss Bobby Manghini strikes an arrangement with a hair stylist in financial crisis to be his submissive mistress but her discovery that he’s not married could ruin the relationship.
When Chicago hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman. 
Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man
Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he’s no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn’t have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.
Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?

Thanks to a car accident resulting in huge medical bills, Lexi is in serious debt.  After she's evicted her friend introduces her to Mafia boss Bobby, and against her better judgement she agrees to become his  mistress.  Bobby is such a sweetheart - yes I know it sounds odd too describe a mobster as a sweetheart, but he really is.  He is so caring, and does everything he can to help Lexi with her problems.   He is also a great father, sexy as hell and deliciously dominant - I completely fell in love with him.

Lexi is also a fabulous character - intelligent, beautiful, talented and really lovable.  She was reluctant to become a 'sugar baby', but she had run out of options, and the chemistry between her and Bobby was immediate and undeniable.  Naturally submissive, she was the perfect match for Bobby and she thrived under his dominance.  The sex scenes between the pair were sensual and steamy, guaranteed to leave you feeling hot under the collar!

There is much more to this story than sex.  The emotional journey that Bobby and Lexi embark on is fascinating to read.  Filled with love and devotion, Mob Mistress is a fantastic read and definitely deserves five out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review 

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