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Book review - Indecent...Nights by Jane O'Reilly (erotic romancecollection) 5/5 stars

Indecent...Nights by Jane O'Reilly 
Collection of three short erotic romance stories 
5/5 stars 


Three women… Three fantasies… Three scandalous nights!

Quiet and sensible Ellie Smithson is a highly respectable photographer by day…but after dark she takes pictures of a more intimate nature… But when her far too attractive accountant becomes the subject of her next racy shoot can Ellie resist the temptation on display?
When sexual adventurer Amber’s two favourite bed-mates get married – to each other! – she realises she’ll need to look elsewhere to get her thrills. Seducing one of the ushers into giving her a quick fix should do the trick…but when she’s caught in the act by Scott Smithson, her best friend’s dangerously handsome brother, she suddenly finds herself heading for a whole lot more fun…
Spending her days living up to the divorced, 30-something control freak stereotype, Meredith is very happy to keep her secret night-time activity to herself… Because when the lights go out Meredith watches as a 20-something Adonis pleasures himself at his window following the instructions she has put through his letterbox! When their most daring fantasies come to life, can they ever go back to reality?

Don't miss these three sizzling stories from Jane O'Reilly, perfect for fans of J.S.Cooper and Sabrina Paige.

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Indecent...Nights is a fabulous collection of three sexy short stories.  I've read a few of Jane O'Reilly's short stories now and she is very good at creating short stories that pack a real punch.  I loved all three of these stories, they are all very different from each other with some unique characters.  There are varying levels of kink in them, the most kinky being the last story - and surprise, surprise this was my favourite story!  I definitely recommend this book to fans of erotic fiction - you won't be disappointed.  Overall this collection receives five stars.


Photographer Ellie is quiet and shy, no one would suspect that as well as photographing weddings and other family occasions she also takes very erotic photographs for couples.  These photo shoots keep her business going and she enjoys doing them - until her best friend wants her to take very intimate photos of her with Ellie's accountant Tom.  He is quiet and unassuming, but under his slightly geeky exterior he is extremely passionate - and Ellie has a huge crush on him.  How will she cope with watching him with her best friend?

This book has an unusual storyline with endearingly awkward main characters.  They say the quiet ones are the ones to watch - and this is definitely the case with both Ellie and Tom!  Things get very hot between them with some steamy scenes.  I thought this was a very sweet, sexy story and I really enjoyed it.  Five stars.


Amber is extremely adventurous when it comes to sex, and has enjoyed a sexual relationship with a couple, but they are now marrying each other and she is feeling down. Seeking something to cheer herself up, she seduces one of the ushers at the wedding - only to be interrupted by her best friends brother Scott. They have never really gotten on in the past but now there is an undeniable attraction between them. Sparks are sure to fly between these two.

It took me a while to connect to Amber, but by the end of the story I had fallen in love with her.  Scott is a sweetheart, I really liked him and the way that he tried to give Amber what she wanted.  They are complete opposites, but they do say opposites attract. This was a good read and I give it four stars.


I absolutely loved this story, it is so hot and the hero is just devine - I'm in love!  Jane O'Reilly is so talented at writing quirky, kinky love stories and this is probably my favourite story from her. Fab characters, fab storyline, fab writing - just fabulous all round really!

Indecent...Desires features a thirty something divorcee who has a secret - every night at 9pm she watches a hunk in his twenties pleasure himself whilst following instructions she puts through his letterbox! But Meredith is shocked when her secret turns up to work at her office.  Her ex husband accused her of being too controlling, but maybe that's just what this younger man wants.

This book is hot, hot, hot!  I loved the BDSM elements of this book, they were so well done.  It's great to see strong older female characters getting hot, young guys and really showing how sexy older women are.  There was so much I loved about this story so it definitely gets five stars.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review 

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