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Book review - Permanent Bliss by B J Harvey (erotic romance) 4/5 stars

Permanent Bliss by B J Harvey 
Erotic romance novella 
4/5 stars 


This is a companion novella for Makenna & Daniel. You met them first in Temporary Bliss, then watched the other parts of their story come to 'life' in True Bliss (see what I did there!) Now join them as they seal the deal in Permanent Bliss. 

Makenna Lewis never thought she would be the one walking down the aisle to marry her superhero. But then again, she hadn't expected Daniel Winters to crash into her life and tilt her world off its axis two years earlier. As they celebrate their last days of singledom, they find themselves battling over the guest list, managing the in-laws, and dealing with last minute disasters that threaten to disrupt their special day.

In true Bliss fashion, we'll see freak-outs, awkward situations, hilarity, drama, and cringe-worthy moments as Mac and Daniel prepare for one of the most important days of their lives. Join the Bliss gang as they watch two of their own walk down the aisle and conclude their happily ever after.

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Permanent Bliss is a short novella that concludes Mac and Daniel's story.  This isn't a standalone, you need to have read Temporary Bliss first (and possibly True Bliss as well). I'm glad we got to hear more from Mac and Daniel, they are both great characters and deserve to get their Happy Ever After.  This is only a short read but it is full of fun, humour, Mac freak-outs and sexy moments.

In this novella we are counting down to days until Mac and her Superman get married.  We get to meet all of our favourite characters again, including Mac's former buddies Noah, Zander and Sean.  As to be expected, there is some drama along the way and it makes for great reading.  Now I'm rather impatiently waiting  for the next book in the series which is Noah's story.  Permanent Bliss receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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