Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Book review - SEAL's Promise: Bad Boys of Team 3 by Sharon Hamilton 3/5stars

SEAL's Promise: Bad Boys of Team 3 by Sharon Hamilton
Military romance 
3/5 stars 


This is a stand alone novel and can be read out of sequence. Portions of this book appeared in an anthology. This is the only full-length and expanded/enhanced version, which has not appeared in any other collection.

Special Operator T.J. Talbot had watched from afar as his best friend married the love of his life. Raised in and out of the foster care system and nearly ruining his chance to become a SEAL, he figured his Happily Ever After would never be. But Dr. Death plays a heartbreaking trick on him and he winds up being the man’s father confessor, where he makes a promise to the dying SEAL to look after his friend’s wife and baby.

Back in the states, Shannon Moore is grateful for the baby she is carrying, though she is a constant reminder of the man who no longer lives at her side. She is not ready for the attention from the community she receives, especially from T.J. She’s decided to honor her fallen husband by giving her whole life to the child he left behind.

Recovering from his wounds, Talbot is plagued by the depth of the wounds he still carries inside him, as he tries to perform a mission he wishes he was not given. Rebuffed at every turn, he struggles but understands his promise might not be able to be fulfilled. He does not want to take what was never given to him in the first place.

But what starts out as an improbable love story begins to bloom and grow. When Shannon and the child are endangered, he will not quit fighting for the family he now knows he was meant to love forever. 


I was really looking forward to this book, I really liked the story outlined in the blurb.  Unfortunately for a few reasons it just wasn't for me.  The author can obviously write a good story, and there were parts that I loved and I felt were well done, but I just couldn't connect with the characters or story.  I didn't hate this book, but I didn't love it either, it was just ok for me.

The heroine created a bad first impression on me when we first met her at her wedding to Frankie.  She came across as whiny, spoilt and selfish.  I grew to like her a bit more throughout the book, but she definitely wasn't one of my favourite heroines.  I did like T.J, but he also came across as a bit of an idiot at the wedding, and it was hard for me to take to the characters after a less than stellar first meeting.

I thought that the death of Shannon's husband was dealt with very well.  The death scene and the scene with Shannon being told about his death were very emotional and they had me in tears.  Unfortunately after that I just found everything a bit unbelievable.  Some parts felt rushed, where others dragged.  The bit that I struggled with most was Shannon and TJ suddenly going from hating each other to falling into bed with each other to TJ declaring his love.

Not every book suits every reader and unfortunately this one wasn't a good match for me.  I have given it three stars because the writing style was good and it is just a matter of this book not suiting my tastes.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review 

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