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Blog tour & 4* review - A Good Day by D L McCleary

A Good Day by D.L. McCleary

About the Book: 

 Lieutenant Colonel David “Deuce” Wilcox’s last mission began the same as any other, until a fierce battle in the badlands of Afghanistan left him badly wounded. Awakening in a hospital in Germany, Deuce realizes his life is about to change in ways he cannot begin to understand. While healing from his wounds, his wife Isabel, the love of his life, joins him in Germany. Now a civilian, he is offered a job running a very successful black ops organization funded by back channels of the U.S. Government.

 Isabel is introduced into a sexual explosion of wealth and privilege funded by the new direction her husband is taking. Drawn by sheer stimulation and sexual energy, she begins to visit exclusive BDSM clubs. Eager to move from voyeur to participant, she must find a way to convince Deuce to accept this new and exciting chapter in her life. How can she convince Deuce this is the correct path for them both? Deuce will have to figure out how to handle an international black ops firm during the upcoming war with the Republic of Iran all while trying to understand his wife’s new and exciting sexual desires. To succeed, he will have to re-invent himself throughout this thrilling and sexually explicit story.


 If I closed my eyes really hard, I could remember Isabel as she was on the morning before I left for this tour. I could smell her scent; see the curves of her back. On that morning so many months ago, I left her asleep, lying on our king-sized bed. The sheets were torn from their normally precisely tucked corner. The blanket lay in a pile on the floor, our pillows snug against her perfect body. That previous night, after a home-cooked dinner, our passion had been insatiable. As though it was the first time or maybe the last time we would ever make love. After dinner, which was perfectly prepared but barely eaten, Isabel stood from the table. The dining room was only lit by candlelight, but as she walked into the brighter light of the kitchen, I noticed the dress she was wearing was basically see-through. The fabric seemed to glisten in a magical color scheme that shimmered from black to blue. As the candles flickered across on her chest, I thought I could catch a glimpse of her darker brown nipples. Maybe an illusion, maybe my imagination, but it sparked a feeling deep inside that was undeniable. It was difficult to concentrate on the meal with my erection was almost bursting the fly of my light tropical-wear trousers. Autumn in Miami was still hot, and Isabel was never one to use air-conditioning, she always said she preferred to feel the warm ocean breeze and the smell of the salty air. The heat of the night made the silky material of her dress stick to her curves like a grape skin over its juicy fruit. Isabel came back into the dining room holding a bottle of wine, a gift saved for a special occasion. It was already open, and she handed me a fresh wine glass. She poured the wine first in my glass then in hers. I sat in my chair, watching her, slowly, delicately, not spilling a precious drop. I dared not move. She was enchanting, a beauty beyond imagination. When she had finished, Isabel placed her glass on the table. She grasped the hand that held my glass and slowly moved it to my mouth. She manipulated my warrior’s hand like a puppeteer, directing my movements, turning my hand ever so slightly so the grape nectar could dribble into my mouth. A mere drop of wine ran down my lip and onto my cleanly shaven chin. With the speed of a viper, Isabel bent toward my face and gently kissed the spot that held the spilled wine. She kissed it again and tipped the wine glass, still grasped in my hand, over into my mouth. As it filled my mouth, she kissed me hard, sharing the contents of my mouth between the two of us.   


I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it really is a very good debut novel. A Good Day is an erotic military action novel, with a good balance between the military action and the sexy action. I've just read in the author's profile that he is in the BDSM lifestyle, something that I'd already guessed because the BDSM in this book is portrayed in a realistic manner.  I was surprised that he hasn't been in the military though, because the action scenes are really detailed, he's obviously done a lot of good research on the subject. There is a lot of heat in this book, but there is more to it than that, there is a lot of emotion and a real story here.

Approximately half way through the book the story takes quite a sudden turn in direction, I won't go into details as I don't want to spoil anything, but it felt a little too sudden to me. That's the only negative I have, and that's just a personal preference really. Otherwise I really enjoyed this book -  the story is interesting, the characters are strong and well developed and the author left me wanting more from Deuce and Isabel. Four stars 

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

About the Author: 

 D.L. McCleary is a debut author who writes erotic and BDSM themed military fiction. He lives with his wife in the northern Maryland area, is a BDSM educator, a Shabari (Japanese rope bondage) artist, and lives the lifestyle 24/7. Although he was never in the military, the action scenes as part of the military fiction are breathtaking and the BDSM scenes are true to life.     


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