Friday, 31 July 2015

Book review - Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole - 3 stars

Sex Becomes Her by Regina Cole
Erotic romance 
3/5 stars 



Eliza’s last relationship ended in ruins, and she’s anything but eager to jump back into something serious. A trip to Hawaii for her best friend’s wedding couldn’t come at a better time. Showing up without a date is the least of her worries. In fact, it may even play into her wildest fantasies when the perfect hunk of a man appears before her…


With Chandler’s divorce behind him he’s ready to move on, so he heads to Hawaii for his cousin’s wedding. The moment his eyes encounter Eliza’s sultry curves and sensual lips, he’s more than ready for a night of non-stop sex. But despite the heat of their unbridled carnal pleasure, Eliza is still afraid to tell him about her forbidden desires. And when their casual affair follows them home, it threatens to alter their lives forever.


Sex Becomes Her is a sweet but sexy story and it is a nice, easy read.  The storyline is fun, but not entirely believable, however it's still a pleasant book to while away a few hours with.  The characters are likeable and there is great chemistry between them which leads to some hot scenes. 

When Eliza is invited to Hawaii for her best friend's wedding she's glad of the opportunity to get away from her hometown for a while.  Her last boyfriend has told everyone that she likes rough sex and has kinky fantasies - which has led to the whole town shunning her and gossiping about her behind her back. While people may gossip for a couple of days, I found it difficult to believe that people would still make her life hell over this six months later.  At the airport Eliza meets Chandler, and after a few awkward meetings they discover that they are going to the same wedding. Things get steamy between them, but Eliza has trouble trusting Chandler enough to tell him her secret desires - but when she does, thing get hot! Can a holiday fling lead to more?

Overall this was an enjoyable read, although there were parts where it was a little slow for me. Sex Becomes Her receives three out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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