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Book review - Bound With Love by Megan Mulry (f/f historical romance)3.5 stars

Bound With Love by Megan Mulry 
F/f historical romance 
3.5/5 stars 


A perfect life—until one letter threatens to unravel it all.

Lady Vanessa Cambury, Marchioness of Camburton, adores her life of bucolic contentment with her partner, acclaimed portrait painter Nora White. Together, they have raised two children from Vanessa’s first marriage and built a home filled with purpose, ease, happiness, and passion—always passion.

But when Nora receives word that the child she lost twenty years ago is alive and in England, ancient heartache threatens to destroy their idyll.

To salvage their love, they must come to a deeper understanding of who they are—in the world, and to one another. Nora must learn to overcome the dark shadows of her past. Vanessa must learn to put others’ needs before her own. And Nora’s stubborn daughter must find it in her heart to forgive the mother she thought abandoned her. This unconventional family must rely on the powerful links of love and mercy to bind them back together.

Word count: 34,000; page count: 136 

I really wanted to fall in love with this book, as I enjoyed the previous book in the series, but parts of it fell a bit flat for me. The first half of the book was great and was heading for five stars, but I just kind of lost interest in the second half. I did still enjoy this book, it has lots of positives, but I think it had the potential to be so much 'more'. All that being said though, this is still a good f/f historical romance with two main characters that are easy to like and connect with.

Vanessa and Nora have been together for twenty years, and have raised Vanessa's two adult children together. In the first part of the book it alternates between their present day and when they first met. Nora has a traumatic past, which we learnt a lot more about. This section of the book was my favourite, it was so emotional. I loved how Vanessa helped Nora cope with what happened, and the love that grew between them was heartwarming to witness. When Nora receives an unexpected letter from someone claiming to know Nora's daughter, old wounds are opened up for both her and her daughter. Can the past be overcome so that they can be a happy family?

I enjoyed seeing characters from the previous book, it was like catching up with new friends. It was great to meet new characters too, especially Vanessa's two children who will be starring in the next two books I believe.  Bound With Love was a nice, quick read that gets three and a half stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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