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Book review - I Believe Now by Hurri Cosmo (m/m romance) 4/5 stars

I Believe Now by Hurri Cosmo 
M/m erotic romance 
4/5 stars 


Max Tyler and Asher Madden are back--and so is a very angry man from their past. A man who believes he has been extremely wronged by the great Max Tyler.

Wyatt Jackson knows it was Max who made it impossible for him to be re-elected and that was all the politician had been after. Plus, due to the lies Max told, Jackson nearly ended up in prison.

Jackson not only wants his life back, he wants Max Tyler dead.

First step? Kidnap Max's precious Asher Madden.

Max is well aware of his error in not taking care of Wyatt Jackson when he had the chance. He just didn't think the man had it in him to bite back. But Asher is now in the former Congressman's dirty hands and in order to rescue him, Max needs a plan. One that can't fail.

But what happens when it does?

I received a copy of this book from the author (via Indigo Marketing & Design) in exchange for a honest review.

I Believe Now is the sequel to Until You, and I'd definitely recommend that you read that book first as this book deals with a lot of the fallout from events that happened in Until You.  Billionaire crime boss Max and sweet, innocent Asher have been living together for a while now and have settled into a comfortable routine. Asher still likes to give his bodyguards the run around, and Max is still controlling Asher's life - but he has good intentions, and only wants him to be happy and protected.  Things go wrong when Asher is kidnapped by Wyatt Jackson, one of the villains who tried to destroy Max only to end up in jail when Max got his revenge. Asher is now in danger, and Max is determined to get him home safely with him.

This book doesn't deal as much with Asher and Max's romantic relationship, it focuses on Asher's kidnapping and Max's attempts to get him back.  Most of the story is told from Max's point of view which was good as we were able to get to know him better. He's rich, powerful and is some kind of crime boss - and I definitely wouldn't want to cross him - but he obviously has strong feelings for Asher and we got to see some of his (slightly) softer side. The kidnapping plot and Max's plans to get him back is fairly complex and was exciting to read.

I really enjoyed this book, despite there being less romance than I'd usually prefer. I've read a few Hurri Cosmo books now and I've become a fan of her work. I Believe Now receives four out of five stars.

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