Monday, 31 August 2015

Release blitz & 4* review - Unblocked Collection by Marni Mann

Unblocked Collection Blurb: 
Bestselling author, Marni Mann, brings readers, the Unblocked Collection. These steamy novellas take you on an erotic journey with Derek Block and Frankie Jordan as they navigate secrets, professional boundaries, and a connection they cannot seem to avoid.

One taste was all it took...
Derek Block seeks revenge. 
Frankie Jordan seeks professional dominance. 
He wants hershe wants him. 
Lines that can't cross begin to blur. 

Derek Block demands more. 
Frankie Jordan wants to run. 
Pleasure complicates business. 
But some passion is just too hard to resist. 
Things are getting hotter as real estate gets real…

Derek Block confronts his past. 
Frankie Jordan's past pursues her. 
Secrets threaten to keep them apart. 
They want to let go of each other, but can’t. 
Their passion is too hot to resist. 
Things are scorching as real estate gets real… 

Derek Block is ready to fight. 
Frankie Jordan must make a decision. 
Their pasts are demanding attention. 
Confessing the truth may not be enough. 
But can their intense passion sustain them? 

Derek Block needs to protect those he cares about.
Frankie Jordan fears the loss of those she loves.
Darkness drives them.
But could it drive them apart?
This is Episode Five, the final Episode in the Timber Towers Series.


Unblocked was originally released as a series of five separate books, now all five parts have been put together in this complete collection. I found the first part to be a bit slow, but from part two onwards things really start to pick up. Frankie and Derek's story has many layers to it, there is so much going on here. Revenge, suspense, secrets and an intensely passionate connection will keep you turning the pages right until the end. 

Derek Block is a great character, a true alpha male who is as sexy as hell. Frankie is a good match for Derek, she's a strong, feisty woman who works hard to succeed. The chemistry between them is scorching hot, they are so good together. But their relationship isn't straight forward, they have lots of obstacles to overcome. It's an emotional roller coaster that had me in tears at times, the story touched my heart. The heat level in this book is off the charts, it really is a sexy read.

Overall I really enjoyed this series, the storyline is interesting and the main characters are engaging. I found the author's writing style to be easy to read, and the story flowed well. Unblocked Collection receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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