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Blog tour, giveaway & 4* review - Gay for Pay by T M Smith

Title: Gay For Pay
Series: An All Cocks Story
Author: T.M. Smith
Genre: M/M Romance
Release Date: June 29, 2015

Christopher Allan Roberts thought he had a promising future; Captain of the football team with the promise of a scholarship to play for Alabama. His high school sweetheart and best friend for as long as he could remember, Amanda, by his side, and the love and support of his family. One night, one mistake changed everything. Chris moves to New York, adrift and alone. A walk one night brings him to the flashing lights, loud music and thrumming bodies at club Berlin. A flyer in the men’s room promises fame and fortune for anyone willing to go on camera and have sex, with another man. Money is money, and how hard could it be, right?

Christopher Allan Roberts becomes Kris Alen, All Cocks newest addition, a gay for pay porn star. 

Lincoln Carter is honest with everyone in his life, including his family, about who he is and about his sexual preferences. Linc Larson, the openly bi-sexual gay porn star will do anything with anyone, which pretty much writes his ticket in a versatility charged industry. It’s not his sexuality that interferes with his personal life; it’s his inability to trust. 

What Linc wants right now, more than anything, is the chance to do a scene with All Cocks newest acquisition, Kris Alen. Six foot two with Auburn hair, an exquisitely toned and inked up body, Kris Alen is sex personified. Linc doesn’t know if it’s the “I want the shiny new toy” aspect that calls to him, or the distant and wounded expression that haunts Kris’s eyes. 

Linc figures out early on that Kris is only working the gay for pay angle that All Cocks brings to his bank account. Can a bi-sexual man with trust issues break down the barriers that Kris has built around himself and help Christopher overcome the painful past he is running from. 

Gay for Pay is a gay for you story about two men that will have to come to terms with the mistakes they made in their past, if they want to stick around and have a chance at a future.

Gay For Pay is a thoroughly enjoyable gay for you story that is full of humour, emotion and is hotter than hell. It focuses on the gay porn industry, and I found the behind the scenes look at this flamboyant world absolutely fascinating. 

Chris seemed to have it all, but a big mistake led to tragedy and he lost everything. Several years later he finds himself living in New York with the only friends who stood by him. Desperate for money he finds himself working as a gay porn star for All Cocks. Here he gains a new family of fellow porn stars, and he feels accepted for the first time in ages. But when he starts to have feelings for one of those guys, Linc, he is confused. He shouldn't have these feelings for a guy as he's straight - isn't he?

Chris is a fascinating character. He is flawed and has made fatal mistakes, but with the help of Linc and his new friends he needs to learn to forgive himself. Linc has his own problems too, the main one being his lack of trust after being betrayed by an ex. I would have liked more of the story to be told from Linc's point of view, as I didn't feel I knew him as well as I knew Chris. I loved the secondary characters in this book, their little family was fabulous. I especially loved Victor - his rants were fabulous!

This is a fun, sexy story that I really enjoyed reading. I will definitely look out for more books in this series as I can't wait to find out what the future holds for some of the other characters.  Gay for Pay receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

~ Chapter 1 | Life, as he knows it ~
January 2015
It was an unusually cold winter in New York this year, one for the record books. Blizzard like storms had shut down roads, airports and schools alike. Chris wove his way through the crowded sidewalks that were busting at the seams with tourists, all but blind and numb. He didn’t want to spend another night flipping through channels, listless, tossing and turning on Michael’s couch. Braving the artic temperatures and the crowded New York streets seemed like a far better option when he left the house, leaving his best friend and his boyfriend alone for the night, instead of being the constant third wheel. 
Chris kept his head down, his eyes only scanning his surroundings, making sure he didn’t bump into anyone or worse, walk into a street sign. He chuckled at the thought, he’d seen the video on TV a while back of a famous rapper walking right into a street sign while trying to avoid the paparazzi. Chris didn’t much care for the guy anyway, always rude to his fans and generally everyone around him, he thought it was karma and was certain even the street sign laughed that day.
Karma, that thought stopped him in his tracks. Chris tried hard not to think about the accident five years ago, the accident that took Amanda from him and alienated him from damn near everyone in his life. He lost his girlfriend, his family, most of his friends and his football scholarship in one fail swoop. The only person that stood by him through it all was his best friend, Michael. 
Waking up in the hospital alone because no one you knew could bear to be in the same room with you. The trial that not only tore apart Chris’s once close knit family, but rocked their small Alabama town. Losing his dream of playing football for the NFL, partly because of his poor decision making abilities, and partly because of the permanent injury to his spine in the accident. While he remembered every event with striking clarity, nothing tore at his soul more than what he did to Amanda. 
Michael and his boyfriend Max were the only shining light in Chris’s otherwise dark life. Michael left for college in New York not long after the trial, and convinced Chris to come with him. Chris quickly agreed knowing there was nothing left for him in Alabama. Truth be told, he didn’t really feel like he belonged anywhere, still convinced his life should have ended the night he killed his girlfriend. Michael was his strength, the brother he never had, and he helped Chris find some semblance of a life in New York. 
Chris was drawn out of his miserable memories by the loud music shaking the windows of the building he was passing. Looking up, he was drawn closer to the building by the bright lights that flashed and matched the beat of the bass perfectly. The closer Chris got to the doors the louder the music got, and the lights were almost blinding. Oddly, once he entered the building the music became hypnotic, and the darkness would have enveloped the large space within if not for the pulsating light show coming from the middle of the room.
Slowly circling the room, he took in his surroundings. There were different sized cages circling the lights and the DJ in the middle of the room, cages that held nearly naked men in various stages of undress. They were dancing, kissing, groping and in one cage, Chris was certain they were fucking. As he came around behind the center stage he saw there were several chairs and couches lined up against a back wall, and there was a man between another man’s legs, head bobbing up and down keeping time with the beat of the music. 
He stood frozen in place for a minute, staring at what was obviously a man giving another man head, right there out in the open. He wasn’t staring out of disgust, more disbelief. How was it, these men were so brazenly open about what they were doing, and the place wasn’t swarming with cops. And how was it Chris lived just a few miles away and had never noticed this place before. Michael and Max would be in heaven here, he thought. 
Making his way over to where he saw a bar set up, Chris ordered rum and coke then turned and leaned back against the bar, just watching and taking it all in. 
“Well hello there gorgeous! Haven’t seen you round these parts before.” A petite blonde had walked up to the bar next to Chris and was eyeing him like Chris usually eyed a steak. 
Chris laughed out loud, “So gay men’s pick up lines are just as bad as us straight guys eh.” Chris smiled at the smaller man. 
Chris thought he may have offended the little guy for a minute, but then he threw his head back and barked out a high pitched laugh, then straightened and smacked Chris harder than he would have thought possible on his much larger bicep. He mock flinched, “Ouch!” and grabbed his arm, still smiling though. 
The little guy shoved his hand toward Chris’s chest and he took it before shaking. “Names Colby, and who says I’m gay?” he winked at Chris before turning toward the bar and ordering a Cosmo.
“That right there little man, that says you’re gay.” Chris laughed.
“Oh ha ha, and what is your beverage of choice Jolly? Jack and coke? Budweiser?” Colby was trying hard to come across as serious, Chris could tell, but the smile never left his eyes, so Chris knew he was messing with him.
“Close, Rum and coke. Jolly?” 
“You know, the jolly green giant.” Colby winked at him again.
“Funny. Names Chris.” They both turned and watched the mass of bodies dancing, writhing, kissing and touching on the dance floor just in front of where they stood. Chris didn’t know what else to say, so he didn’t say anything. He kept stealing glances out of the corner of his eye at the man that stood next to him, Colby stood there with his head bobbing to the beat of the music, smiling and watching the scenery before him. 
Just about the time the silence bordered on awkward, Colby nudged Chris’s arm with his elbow, “So,” Colby leaned closer to Chris, making sure he could hear him over the loud music. “Are you really straight? Or are you bi? OH, is it my lucky day and you are bi-curious?” Colby waggled his eyebrows.
Chris laughed at him, shaking his head. “Nope, sorry man, I’m as straight as a board. But don’t worry, I got no problem with the lifestyle, my best friend and his boyfriend live together so I’ve spent a lot of time around gay guys and couples. Doesn’t bother me in the least.” 
Colby nodded his head as he tipped back the pink drink and took a large swig, the silence was creeping in on them once more, and then Colby nudged Chris’s shoulder again. “Can I tell you a secret?” Chris simply nodded. “My names not Colby, its Colton.” 
“So you use a fake name just in case you don’t like a guy or something.” Chris asked.
“Or something.” Colby, no Colton said. “Gay boy 101 when you live in the big apple, never use your real name unless it’s family or someone you know you can trust.”
“And you think you can trust me?” Chris asked, attempting to leer at his new friend. Colton threw his head back and laughed again, but this time Chris dodged the swipe at his arm.
Colton frowned at Chris when he sat his empty glass on the bar and ordered a glass of water instead of another drink. “You driving?” he asked. Chris shook his head. “Then why the water?”
“I have a one drink rule, and before you ask, don’t. Let’s just say, alcohol and I have a history, an ugly one, so I consume in moderation when I drink.” Chris stared down at the smaller man, waiting to see what his reaction would be. 
Colton just eyed him for a few seconds before smiling and shrugging his shoulders. “Ah, well, more for me then!” 
Chris laughed at his new friend. After a few more rounds of water, cosmos and some pleasant conversation, Chris asked Colton where the bathrooms were and they headed off in that direction. More than once Chris had to hold Colton up, the cosmos working their magic, turning Colton’s legs to jelly. When Chris was washing his hands after, he noticed a stack of fliers sitting on the counter. Grabbing one he skimmed over it then turned to Colton, “What’s this place? Do you know?” he asked.
“Ah yes, All Cocks, the end all be all of gay porn.” Colton sort of sang the words instead of speaking them. “I thought about it once, its good money, but I have this fear of public speaking, so I don’t think I could even be on camera much less have sex on camera. Jesus, but the models on that site are H.O. double T… HOT!” Colton fanned himself with his hand and Chris just laughed. 
Colton shook his hands out instead of drying them, and then ran his damp fingers through his hair, taming the unruly blonde locks. He continued to ramble on as he headed out of the restroom with Chris following behind, but not before grabbing a flyer and folding it, tucking it into his back pocket.


A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. She now calls Texas home from her small town on the outskirts of the DFW Metroplex. Most days you can find her curled up with her kindle and a good book alongside a glass of something aged and red or a steaming cup of coffee! 
At 44 years young, she's decided to enter the next phase of her life by adding the title of "author" to her list of accomplishments. Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, Smith is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights.

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