Monday, 10 August 2015

Book review - Sweet Southern Hustle by Johnathan North (m/mromance)4stars

Sweet Southern Hustle by Johnathan North
M/M romance novella 
4/5 stars 


Mark is a man on a mission. He has decided to finally explore his feelings and is on the road to accepting himself as a gay man. He heads out on an erotic adventure to Atlanta in hopes of finally meeting a man and having his first experience with gay sex, but wonders if his fear of the unknown will outweigh his need for intimacy.

Danny is a down on his luck construction worker, trying his best to live from day to day and doing any menial job he can find just to keep himself afloat – even selling his body to make ends meet. He joins his buddies from work for a drink and a game of pool, and finds what he thinks is just an opportunity to make some cash.

Destiny led these men to the same place at the same time for a reason, neither of them looking for more than a one-night stand. But what happens when a casual encounter suddenly becomes much more than either imagined possible? Can they let go of the demons of their past and take a chance that could change both their lives forever?

Sweet Southern Hustle is a good debut effort from Johnathan North. It is very short (only about forty pages in length), but it is a satisfyingly sexy read.  The quality of the writing is good, the main characters are interesting and the sex scenes are hot.

Mark is recently divorced and has embarked on a trip to Atlanta to experience sex with a man for the first time. He's always put others first, but now he's doing something for himself and exploring his sexuality.  At a bar he admires a builder who's playing pool with some friends, and he is surprised when the handsome stranger starts to flirt with him.  Danny is a part time construction worker who occasionally has to resort to selling his body to keep himself afloat. Danny sees Mark as a fun opportunity to make a few bucks, and Mark is happy to put himself in Danny's experienced hands during his first sexual encounter with a man. Neither of them expected to have such a strong connection between them - can they be more than a one night fling?

Both characters are likeable, and I connected to them easily. Mark is a little naïve, a bit shy and utterly adorable. Danny has a brash exterior, but inside he is a vulnerable, charming guy. This is the first book in a series, so I'm hoping that we hear more from this couple soon. This short, sexy story receives four out of five stars.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review 

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